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Bring It: My Challenge to the Unwashed Masses

I've been thinking a lot about this blog, the blogging community, and poker. I've been unable to play in most of the BBTwo events, and since I'm missing out on the mass consumption of donkfoolery, I've decided that I need to get back into the mix. But since I don't have the time or ability to put aside three days a week for bloggerments, I've got to find a new angle.

What's a man to do when he likes tournament poker but doesn't have the time for tournaments? Heads-up SNGs. But how does this involve the blogger-world.

Simply put, bring it, beeches. I personally consider myself to be a pretty good student of the HU game, so I'm ready to take on anyone in a best of three or best of five series. If you sweep me, I'll take any comers, at any stake between $1 and $20 (and potentially more on an individual basis). I will even let you choose the game (PL and NL only...due to time constraints) and whether it is turbo or regular. I also have to forego the Stars HU matches with static blinds (blinds don't go up) due to time constraints. But otherwise, I'm fair game.

Full Tilt is prefered, but I can play on Stars (up to $10/match) or (up to $10/match).

You might be saying to yourself, "but Jordan, why would I challenge you? Besides my jealousy over your good looks and large than average scrotum, why would I care whether I could beat you in HU Poker?" I'm glad you asked, but let's leave my scrotum out of it.

If you sweep me in a best of 5 series, I'll send you an extra buy-in for the level of tourney we played. In other words, win 3, get one free! And, if you act now, you can challenge me to a best of three match, and if you sweep, I'll send you...well, nothing. Sorry, dude, but two in a row?!

Any time I win or lose, you'll hear about it here. And, hell, just for the fun of it, I'll add your link on my very exclusive side bar.

I will take challengers as they come forward. Once we have arranged a time, I HIGHLY recommend that we coordinate the start of the HU SNGs via Yahoo or AOL instant messenger. Look for me as highonpokr (no E) on Yahoo IM. I don't usually turn on AOL IM, but we can work that out when we choose a general time to play via email.

If you are interested, you can click on that perty tab at the top of my site (right above the HoP banner) to get my email address.

On an unrelated note, I read this fine tip from Phil Ivey, thanks to a link from Skidoo. Ivey pretty much says that it is fine and dandy to read up on poker, but ultimately, you have to play the game that feels right to you. It's something I've said here before. You have to play YOUR game to ultimately succeed. If you are playing someone else's game, you will inevitably fail. But I think Ivey says it a tad more eloquently and with a bit more authority (but just a bit).

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 10:47 PM, Blogger lj said...

rarely does a day go by when i don't find myself in a jealous rage over your "good looks and large than average scrotum." :)

At 1:08 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I would be honored to be the first to take your money.


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