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Ever since last season of America's Next Top Model, wifey Kim has made it a habit to visit her friend uptown once a week. Even after the season ended, the girls still found an excuse to meet up weekly, and me, being the loving and supporting husband I am (read: degenerate gambler) have encouraged such weekly plans, while I go about my business earning money the old fashioned way, through playing a stupid game!

These last few months, Tuesday was wifey Kim's weekly plan day, so I found myself heading over to the Wall Street Poker game or the occasional Salami tournament.

This week, however, wifey Kim's plans changed, and Tuesday became Wednesday. This didn't really change much on my end. There was no Wall Street game going, so I figured that I would probably just head over to Salami or skip it altogether, given the stress at work, and just go home for the night. But thankfully, I received this email today from my childhood friend and fellow poker fiend, Dave Ruff:

Yo… whats up?

What u doing tomorrow night? (wed)

Bridge and I were thinking about heading over to “nice look” after work? U interested? Have u heard if they have been having good, full games recently?

And that, folks, says it all. I haven't played with Ruff in months, and I need to log more hours in the profitable NL tables at Nice Look.

Interestingly, going to a club with a compadre makes it a much more fun experience. Its not even as though we chat and we certainly don't work together when we play. Its just the comfort in knowing that someone else in this room of loners and cut throats is a friend, even if he doesn't want to hear your bad beat story.

I'll be there at 7pm. And for you NYC players/readers/lurkers, I'll be the guy check-raising you.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 7:42 PM, Blogger lj said...

you can play in their $500 tournament tomorrow night!

At 9:01 PM, Blogger Matt said...

I'm so excited for ANTM to come back, only because it's more guaranteed poker time for me.

Thank you TYRA!


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