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As arranged by HUC5 Commissioner, Fuel55:

Number of Players: 32* (first pay, first served)

Entry Fee: $30 (paid in advance to Fuel55 at FullTilt or Stars)

Places Paid:
4 (1st thru 4th will be paid $432, $288, $144 and $96, respectively)

Structure: Preliminary rounds will be best of 3 and Final 4 will be best of 5

Organization: Players will have 5 days per round to organize and complete their match - the winner will give me the match results

Suggested games: Poker Stars HU SNGs with NO blind increases** - these games are the true test of skill and don't ever create "shootout" situations. Of course each pairing can determine the game/price point that best suits them. And, of course, side bets are encouraged.

* If the response is particularly overwhelming I will consider increasing the field to 64 players.

** These SNGs come in a variety of entry price points ($105, $52.50, $31.50, $21, and $10.50)

Once you pay please email me your full name, blog, user name on Stars and Tilt so that I can compile a player database. As always my email is fuel55 at veltheer dot com.

You know I'll be playing...

And while I'm pimping, check out Blinder's Fantasy Sports Live site. I'd check it out myself, but my sports knowledge is nil.

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