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The Difference a Day Makes

After last Sunday and my stunning success against the donkeys at NiceLook Card Club, my mood for poker has completely shifted. Online, I'm having the same issues, playing MTTs only to bust out late near the money. I was playing a $75 token frenzy and busted less than 8 from the money with hundreds of players. In that instance, I was going for a blind steal and ran into a pocket pair. Truth be told, it was an error on my part. So near the money, the correct spot was to fold and continue to fold. I was also playing a Razz MTT and busted less than 8 spots from the money as well. I was in 1st for a very long time, but eventually, I started hitting bricks, and I was sent home with nothing to show for it. At least in the Razz MTT, playing aggressive made sense when I did it. The last money spots were paid about $1 profit, so I was playing for first.

Alas, all that is behind me, and not an ounce bothersome except for the purely analytical aspect of my bad decision making in the token frenzy. My mind is already on the next game, and that's tonight, my dear friends. I've decided to return to Salami for the $50+10 tournament, following wifey Kim's change of plans to meet her gals for dinner tonight instead of brunch tomorrow. I doubt I'll stick around for the cash game after the tournament, mostly because I want to get home to my blushing bride, but I'm damn tempted. I'm loving live poker lately, and I just can't get enough.

You might notice that I can be a bit manic. I try not to let poker tilt me, but when it does, I also tend to avoid poker. I suppose to a larger extent it is part of my personality. I can think of more than one example of when I received some news and was instantly angry at a situation, only to cool off later and apologize for my initial reaction. That instantaneous reaction seems to last a bit longer in poker, and rather than challenge myself to get over it and get right back to playing, I find I'm better off letting it run its course.

Well, its run its course, and I even went so far as to say to wifey Kim last night that I need to find more time for poker. I felt like I should have played at least once this week. I still love the game, I still get high off of the excitement, and there is still money to be won.

Last note, a huge Good Luck to fairly frequent commentor Mr. Goss and his bid to enter the wild world of politics. To find out more about our Texan friend, check out his new site, HERE.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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