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Jordans, Jordans, Everywhere

I played some 3/6 limit Duece-to-Seven Triple Draw last night, losing $67 on stupidity. Then I shut off the computer and resumed my anti-online poker stance.

The lack of online play does make blogging a bit different. I have less of a daily reference to poker, but when I do play online, I'm enjoying it more, or, like last night, when I notice I am not enjoying it, I'm shutting it down a lot faster. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Incidentally, after my loss, I am now up $20 for the New Year. Hooray for me!

I haven't really gotten to my Year in Review yet. Shit, I might just have to let that one go. I've been reading other peoples' opinions on those sort of posts, and it seems like a lot of people feel that they add little value. As I put mine together, I'm starting to see what they are talking about. Mine is coming out pretty much as a highlight reel of the year, quickly mentioning notable things for every month. In the end, though, if you wanted to read about what happened in May, your best bet is to just click on the link on your right that will take you to all May 2006 posts, right? I mean, I had some gems in there, I suppose, but it's a lot of old news and all that. Or maybe I'm just saying this so I don't have to finish that damn post.

I got some nice feedback about the Fun is Good post. It's been a while since one of my posts have been as well received, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Like many out there, sometimes I find this whole blogging thing to be an uphill battle. Then I sit at the keyboard, like today, with nothing to write about and it all just comes flowing. Like I mentioned in a recent comment on 1st Rule's blog, really, all any of us can do is keep posting. Sometimes its a home run and sometimes you ground out, but its always a show.

I pimped 1st Rule a couple of days ago and I stand by my story. While reading his comments, I came across a commentor named Jordan. I thought, "I didn't write that." Now, Jordan isn't the most common name. It's getting more common, but growing up in a Christian neighborhood, I was the only Jordan. When I moved to a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, I found a lot more of us, but overall it was still a rare site.

Having a less-common name can be a bitch as a kid. When Michael Jordan became a media empire, my mother went buckwild. It got to the point where I was bopping about in fifth grade with an Air Jordan hat, t-shirt and sweatpants. I was a walking billboard, and all because of the novelty of the name Jordan.

You may be thinking why someone would go nuts just to buy clothing that had their kid's name all over it. Maybe it was the toothbrushes. Growing up, my older bro Keith and younger bro David had cool toothbrushes with their names engraved on them. You could get them at any drug or gift card store...unless your name was Jordan. Then all you got was the generic one that they gave away with the Aquafresh.

Fortunately for me, Michael Jordan was cool. He was an athlete and an outstanding one at that. I've never had much athletic skill, but I loved basketball, so I had that going for me too. Enter, Jordan Knight. Jordan Knight was a New Kid on the Block, a boy band group worshipped by all 12 year old girls and reviled by all 12 year old boys, circa 1991. He also co-opted my name. The cherry on top was when rumors came out that Mr. Knight was gay. Really? Just look at that pic. Who woulda thunk?

Retribution came at the hands of Claire Danes. More accurately, it came from her love interest on the short lived series, My So Called Life. Jordan Catalano was the bad-boy love interest, played by none other than all around great actor Jared Leto. Finally, I had some cred with the ladies, and none too soon, as I was entering and living my teens as the show aired, was cancelled and then was rebord in reruns on MTV.

All was well in the land of Jordans, until the Pink Knight returned. Jordan Knight made a brief comeback in the late nineties, dancing around, suddenly un-gay, and singing about what he would do to some hypothetical girl. Jordan Catalano, having been off MTV for a while, was now a memory to most chicks, and the Jordans of the world wept.

Of course, in all of this, I ignore the secret that probably crushes all Jordans world-wide...or at least those with a Y chromosome. From Jordan begat Jordana, usually conjuring images of some Little House on the Prarie type character, churning butter and tending to the barn. But no, that wasn't enough for the fairer sex. While I won't point to particular flicks, as much out of laziness as disdain, the female Jordan plague has been the long standing threat eating the Jordans alive from within.

In approximately 2001, I noticed something though. As I slowly looked through the sundry items of a reststop en route to college, I came across a rack of toothbrushes. David, still there. Keith, yep. But then I saw another: Jordan. It's a new age for us Jordans. The name is getting to hip, even if 28.1% of newborn Jordans lack testicles.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. For you Davids and Jasons and Erics of the world, this is no big thing, but finding another Jordan in the poker blogging cosmos, well its a bit weird. But he doesn't seem like Jordan Knight, so I'll welcome him into the fold. Jordan, it's a pleasure meeting you, but if you join a boy band, please change your name. And if you'd like to meet him too, you can check him out on his blog, Drawing Dead by jl514.

Until next time, make mine poker!

Oh wait, there's more! I'd be remiss if I didn't point out some photographs taken by the lovely, degenerate Dawn. Recently, I played in a home game at SoxLover's place to celebrate his birthday. I lost $95, but had a great time losing it. Dawn had her camera handy and took a couple of pictures. A couple of favorites, all of which include me, are HERE (how to tell if Jordan's bluffing), HERE (who's the mark? my guess is the guy with the sunglasses) and HERE (I wet myself, okay?!). You'll note Dawn's rye sense of humor. Must not use b-word. Enjoy!

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At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good post jordan enojyed the non poker random post

At 3:17 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

"How do you know if Jordan's bluffing? His chips are moving."

Whoever put that below the picture took a classic lawyer joke and made it an instant classic jordan joke. I laughed out loud on that one.

At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout, sorry to confuse you over on 1st rule's place. I have an autofiller and the first field on his blog says "name" and it just autofills "Jordan."

It happens on all the non-blogspot blogs, like Mook's too. I used to edit it back to JL514, but I figured that was too much work right? I mean I already wrote a comment, why do I have to write more?

Funny that you mentioned Jordan Knight, as my sister was a 12 y/o girl at that time. Jeez we had lunch boxes and videos and everything. There's a girl I work with who's mentally deficient (she's about 30) and thinks it's the funniest thing to call me "Jordan Knight" when I see her every day, so I never live that down.

Also funny you mentioned the Name branded items. My mom bought me a 'Jordan' shot glass because it was the first one she'd ever seen. My aunt bought me Jordan Almonds, and Jordan's biscotti because of the novelty. Count the name awareness we get from the country, and even the river, and we're not doing too badly these days!

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Jordan, you can be Jordan. It's no real harm to me. I just find it funny since I have caught myself on multiple occasions reading your comments and thinking, "Did I post that?" As an aside, I always listed my name as Jordan from High On Poker on those non-blogger blogs because I figured that it would be easier to associate me by the blog name. In fact, I wrote about the difficulty of remembering blogger names a while ago, citing Kaellinn, aka, as an example of one that I found tricky to resolve in my head (I got it now, of course). We blogger all have 4 names a tleast, if you count online poker screen names


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