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Weekend Roundup & You Decide #34

Man am I tired. I hit the sack at 12am last night and woke up at 7 today. It's nothing particularly new, except for arriving at work an hour early, rather than the usual 1/2 hour. BUT, a long weekend in the sun and poker trenches can take a lot out of a man.

By now, if you've scrolled down, you know that I played in SoxLover's homegame on Friday night. It was a successful night, to the tune of $201 profit. It seemed like the very next night, I went out of my way to lose a big chunk of that change.

For the life of me, I can't remember rightly what wifey Kim and I did on Saturday night. Ah yes. We saw Dave Roose's band, Giant Step, at Kenny's Castaways in NYC. The band did a great job, and I was proud to see my partner in crime on the stage doing his thing. When I got home, in a drunken state, I looked online and jumped into a series of debacles, including a $40 PLO8 MTT, easily the highest buy-in I've ever played online. Great idea when you are drunk and tired. After that night, I lost a good $75.

Last night was DADI 6: Pot Limit, and while numbers were down (I'm blaming it on the holiday and not my own obvious inadequacies), the crowd was roaring. Unfortunately, after taking a quick lead (as per usual), I donked out closer to last place than first (as per usual). I have yet to hit my stride in these blogger games, mostly because of my lack of effort and focus. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I could clean up if I just paid more attention. I'm just saying that I can't blame anyone else if I, myself, am not playing optimally. On that note, congratulations to Hoyazo, who won the damn thing, continuing his winning ways. And congratulations to CMitch, who followed up his WSOP Main Event seat win with a 2nd place in a large buy-in tourney netting him a bucket load of cash.

I did, however, play a $1 6-person SNG with BloodyP without looking at my cards. I busted one player when I pushed all-in on a ragged flop, he called with top pair, and I went runner runner straight. Now, remember, I couldn't see my cards. I had covered up that part of the screen in an effort to work on playing the players and working position. Well, on that fateful hand, I had 2d7d, the Suited Hammer! Fate is a beautiful thing. Once we were down to 3 players, I noticed a flaw in my test: BloodyP. Since he knew what I was doing and there were so few players in the tournament, he could raise and call me with impunity. Once I saw the flaw in the system, I uncovered my cards, and proceeded to go on a tear, winning the thing after going heads up with BloodyP (and sucking out on the last hand, no less). I'll have to try the experiment again sometime without a cohort at the table.

I also won a huge hand in .50/1 NL on PokerShare. I've been consistently winning on their site, taking slides here and there, but always recovering. As a result of the hand, my losses for last night and the night before were covered. So overall, it was a $200 weekend. My tournaments (both MTTs and SNGs) have suffered, my cash game is still king, and my live game is better than ever. I may even make an appearance at Genoa Club this week, with my new bankroll and newer confidence. So, I'll leave you with the hand where I won back all of my weekend losses. In fact, let's make it a You Decide:

You Decide #34

Let's start you out with some nice cards, say AA, for instance. Now, let's put you in MP at a .50/1 NL table with a stack of roughly $95, in the middle of the pack as far as chip stacks go. You haven't been paying too much attention to the table, but you do know that the action is sometimes loose, especially if a player falls in love with their hand, which seems to happen a lot.

A player in EP raises from $1 to $3. It folds to you. You raise from $3 to $9. Everyone folds around to the original raiser, who calls. The flop is Jc8c8s. It is checked to you. The pot is $19.50. You bet $12. You are re-raised to $33. You push all-in, for a re-raise of about $40. Your opponent calls.

The turn and the river come, and they are both blanks. You show your AA and your opponent shows KK.

Clearly, you won all of his chips, so you can't complain about the results. But is there anything in there that could have been done better? Surely it wouldn't increase profits unless you could've kept another player in the hand AND still won the hand. So, feedback please. This may've just been one of those situations when luck came through, not only receiving AA, but giving your opponent KK. But I don't think it's just that...

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At 9:46 AM, Blogger cmitch said...

You Decide #34

I think that you played it perfect. You have to put all your chips in on that flop. If he has JJ or x8 (unlikely) then that is just bad luck. There are straight and flush possibilities out there. The table is loose, you might get a call from a drawing hand where you are a favorite. He also might call with KK or QQ. Some players at 1/2NL(depending on how weak they are) might even call with 1010 or 99 if you have been particularly loose/raising all-in a lot.

All this adds up to getting all the chips in on the flop IMO. Well played.


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Heavy Critters said...

LUCKBOX!!! That $3 should have been mine!!!!!!!!!!

Who am I kidding? You might've beaten me blind...

At 4:19 PM, Blogger PokerFool said...

(Oops, I put this comment under the wrong post. reposting it under correct topic)

Argg, I missed the Dadi Tournament by 5 minutes. The wife and I went and saw The DaVinci Code and got home too late after picking up the kids. I even had permission to play!

On the you decide hand, I think that you played the hand well. The only hand I think you have to really worry about there is pocket Jacks (Assuming your opponent is your typical player and not some maniac with a PFR% of >25%). And well, if your up against that, then thems the breaks. I highly doubt you would see someone raise PF with a hand like A8 from EP.

And really, from your opponents point of view, there was really nothing wrong with the way he played it too. He had to really only worry about JJ and AA. And he just got unlucky.



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