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Congratulations and Jordan Laid Bare

Let's start this off right, shall we? A HUGE congratulations to Hoyazo, who won the $40k guaranteed tournament on Party Poker. Hoyazo is an MTT specialist, and I am more than amazed at his MTT ability. He's worked hard to win the MTT, and he deserves every minute of it.

Second, another HUGE congratulations, this time to CMitch of O-Poker. CMitch recently won a seat into the WSOP Main Event via Full Tilt. CMitch is one of the very few blogger-players who I list as one of Jordan's Poker Role Models. It's a small group, and I'd have to add DoubleAs, ScottyMcDreamy, and possibly no one else to that list. Why these three? Basically, I've seen them perform some amazing things with consistency. Sure, I'm leaving some people out. Don't blame me! There are lots of great players out there, but what I'm talking about is something different. These are the players that I read about and think, I can actually learn something from these guys, and I should really pay attention to what they are doing.

So, here's the part when I bare my soul to you all. I ask that you all be light on me, because what I'm about to say isn't pretty, but it's real, and it's probably something you are all too familiar with yourselves.

I am jealous. I try to use the term envious, because, as Mama High says, envious means that you don't want to take that thing away from someone else, it just means that you want the same for you. Well, I can't split hairs at a time like this. When I hear about Hoy's or CMitch's wins, I can't help but think, What about me? What about Jordan?

The thing is, I don't begrudge these players their successes. I've met Hoy, and we've played together live. I like the guy, and I know that he deserves his success. CMitch was part of a past HUC, and I've always had respect for him.

I think it is just a natural byproduct of my competitive nature. When I see someone is able to reach a level of play or score a success, I wonder what that means about my inability to have done the same.

Realistically, my time will come. I just need to put myself in a position to win those large MTTs. The first step is to start playing them.

So, Hoy, CMitch, congratulations. Don't hold it against me if I felt a tinge of envy at your success. It just means that I admire your success. I'd rather have you guys win a tourney rather than some joe schmo. In the end, whenever I read about a fellow blogger or friend winning, I feel something with that envy, too. It's pride, pride that one of my fellow compadres was able to do something great.

There it is, my worst trait laid bare. I guess it ain't so bad after all.

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At 9:34 PM, Blogger cmitch said...

Thanks for the kind words - I think role model is a little strong. :)

I am not proud to admit it, but I have felt that envy at times when I have seen others do well. I think it is human nature and I think it makes us push ourselves harder. I have played with you in a few of the blogger tourneys and I have no doubt you are a great player. I feel a WSOP seat coming your way.

As far as role models go - I would put you and TripJax as two of the bloggers that I read daily and have learned the most about blogging from. I stumbled across the HUC right after Loopy and I started O-Poker and immediately started learning how the poker blogging world worked from your blogs. I think a lot of bloggers put you in the poker blogger role model category.

Thanks again,

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Thanks CMitch. When I say role model, I mean it. I see that you are consistently successful, and if there is a hole in my game, its my consistency. I'll go on a tear and then hit a slump (in my play, not luck). So, too bad, you are on the list.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger Heavy Critters said...

Ahhhhh....I can post comments now. Dad blame it, I couldn't figure the damn thing out.

Jordan, you'll get there, yo. No need to get jealous. You're a winning poker player.

And someday you'll have that bracelet on your wrist.

Keep on rockin' and hit me up for some Hee Haw action on Titan soon.


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