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You Decide #32

My weekend output is through the roof! I've got a You Decide post that I had been thinking about since the home game. This hand took place during the .50/1 NL Cash Game. By then, we were four handed. I was in the Big Blind and had AKo. Mikey Aps was the dealer and SoxLover was the SB.

Mikey was on semi-tilt. He was raising a lot, and was very aggressive. All said, though, most of the time he was taking down pots without showing his cards, and when he did show (i.e., was called down), he had the goods. Sox was also raising a lot, but he didn't seem on tilt at all. Rather, he was selectively aggressive and making smart plays.

SoxWife folded, and Mikey on the button, made his standard raise from .50 to $3.50. Sox, to my surprise, raised from $3.50 to $12. Now, this was a very uncommon raise for the table, and when the action go to me, I really had to think. Mikey was representing a decent hand, but the range was wide. Sox, however, represented a monster. He could have been faking, but at that moment, I had him pegged for a pocket pair. Whether it was Tens or Aces, I didn't know. Hell, it could've been 6s or 4s, and the net effect was the same. At best, I was a coin flip for $12. Meanwhile, Mikey had yet to act, and he, too, could have a pair. My nightmare would've been calling the $12 only to have Mikey raise on top. I had won a good amount of dough at this point and I didn't need to donk it off. In the end, I decide to fold AKo at a four-handed cash game facing a raise and re-raise from two aggressive players.

After the hand, Sox and I discussed the play. At a normal game, you don't tell you opponents how to play better, so I was glad that this was a open crowd. According to Sox, in cash games you need to push what little edges you have. AKo in a four-handed game is a monster, and I should've considered pushing. Mikey was raising a lot, so Sox's was willing to put him to the test with less than optimal cards. That did come to mind during my hand analysis while it was happening, but I still thought it would be stupid to risk $12 on a drawing hand. If I miss the flop, I'm screwed.

So, what do you think?

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