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Relationship Building

Before I say anything, let me suggest that you head over to Quest of a Closet Poker Player, a blog that I have not read before today, to read a very interest series of posts on Relationships (the kind involving the opposite sex) and Poker. From what I've read, I may have to add CC to my list of blogs.

I lost about $25 yesterday, losing another 45-person SNG (but at least reaching the final table), and the WPBT POY event (I played horribly). I did, however, win some dough playing .25/.50 NLHE on Titan, where I plan on working off their new Reload Bonus. I like Titan. The players seem crappy and I'm comfortable with the software. I don't think that they support Poker Tracker, and for that, I am glad. I never could get the swing of using that damn thing, and in the end, I guess I am more of a feel-player than I'd like to admit. Poker Tracker definitely is an edge, but it isn't one that I have been able to utilize effectively.

Cash games seem to be a new distraction for me. I finished my promo at Doyle's Room, but have yet to receive my Rake Back. I'm not sure how that works, but I'll be keeping an eye out for it. If you want rake back, I suggest you use my link, and mention HighOnPoker as your referral when you send the email to their customer support to arrange your account.

The return to cash games has been interesting so far. With my $1k bankroll (not anymore, but I'll get to that), I feel more comforable losing a $50 buy-in. I still don't love it, but my drop from 800 to 200 or so several months ago followed by my resurgence has given me perspective when it comes to variance. I scheduled a trip to AC for the last weekend of April too, which will help solidify my desire to play more often and higher stakes. I'm damn excited.

So, lets get back to relationship building. Wifey Kim means the world to me. She is my #1 love. But mistress poker is a tempting bitch, and I have to admit that I've been splitting my attention a lot lately. One contributing factor is the plethora (of pinatas) of blogger events that have distracted me. I'm going to have to re-evaluate my participation in the coming weeks. I won't avoid them all, but I can't play more than one blogger event per week. Aside from that, when I'm in a funk like I have been, its easy to poor my free time into poker, where my endorphines are fed by adrenaline and my mind is free of its usual distractions. In the end though, wifey Kim deserves better, and while she has not outright complained, she has dropped subtle hints.

So, tonight I hope to avoid the poker machine. Hope is a key word. At least it shall wait until the wifey is in Slumberland. She usually beats me there by an hour or two.

For months, I've noticed that our bed has been sagging in the middle. I haven't done anything about it because of cost, but this weekend, wifey Kim and I swapped spots. She noticed it for the first time. One day later, we purchased a mattress and box-spring set (to be delivered today) for about $500. Its probably one of the cheaper sets, but we are on a budget that quite frankly can't afford the $500. So, $200 is being withdrawn from my poker funds.

$1000 bankroll is now at $800. Christ almighty! At least it wasn't a bad beat.

Cost of a Mattress and Box Spring: $500
Drain from Online Poker Bankroll: $200
Satisfaction on sleeping on something paid for by gambling: Priceless

Some things money can't buy. For the rest, there's Poker.

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At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic usage of the word plethora. I find that I'm also pulling out poker funds to use for other things. Sometimes it just has to be done.

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holly shit....700 bucks for a mattress. Does it come with anything/anyone extra.

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang...your timing is crazy...he is my Blogger Spotlight tomorrow...

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kip, its actually $500, with $200 of it paid for by poker. It comes with a boxspring! That's it. The mattresses were as expenisve as 5k! Most were around 1k. In the end, we went with the cheap one, if you could believe it. I wish I could just buy it online for cheaper, but how do you know if the mattress will be any good. Tis a shame.

At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember the first bed my wife and I bought- 75 bucks from Salvation Army.

We finally replaced it this year with a new one for 1500! I couldn't believe it when the salesman told us the price. I think they make most of their sales when their customers are woozy with sticker shock.


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