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Quick Post About Everything

Im gonna post in 5 min or less, so excuse typos, crappy grmamer and other problems. To make thi even more interesting, I will not be suiong the backspace key. Here goes:

I did no tplay in the WPBT even t latst night, because of the Sopranos. Sorry guys. I really wanted to play, but I've been waiting 2 yrs for the Sopranos and only a couple onf weeks for the WPBT event. I will attend the next one if possible.

I can't wait for tonitght for teh DADI event. I like shorthanded action. It makes everyhting a lot olooser.

I also cant wait for the start of the 45SNGC (sseee sidebar link under, well, links). It started--ignore that--starts tonite following the DADI event, and I have a feeling, we'll be seeing more than a few players /challengers starting their first tourneys tonight. If you didn't join the challenge but still want to play with bloggers following DADI, I'm sure you could join us. Yahoo messenger ID HighOnPokr (neo E).

Iggy has a $30 MTT scheduled for a WSOP seat for bloggers only. I need to email him to get he passeword. I'm looking forward to it.

Sopranos was good. Three deaths (well 2, because you know one of them won't stick), but good anyway.

I have to go to th ebacnk ignore that bathroom really bad right bnow.

Um, I think that is it. Funny story about court later. Bye.

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