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Boston Trip Report Pt. 1, and the Streak Ends

I went to Boston on Saturday, and returned Sunday. I did not play poker. End trip report.

So, I played a 2-table SNG with SirFWalGMan last night. I outlasted the Waffle, but only made it to the final table, where I was out first. It wasn't my best showing, and I didn't feel like I was adequately concentrating.

Meanwhile, wifey Kim was watching Dancing with the Stars on DVR, and complaining about how they delay everything. The show did not need 2 hrs just to announce a couple of names. I cannot fathom how producers think it is necessary to show recaps of recaps of recaps. How many times do I need to see the same damn clips! Humorously, as wifey Kim was making the same statement, I pointed out to her that we had DVR'ed the show for a reason, and we can just fast forward to the good parts. She still insisted on sitting through the umpteenth time that they went through each of the finalists names, pausing 30 seconds between names to build excitement. If I were the producer, the entire series would have been about 1/4 shorter than it was, but who am I to doubt the reality TV geniuses? On that same note, I cannot stand the stalling that occurs on shows like Survivor, where they take their time before announcing who is going to be tossed from the show, or they take 10 minutes to explain an obstacle course that doesn't really matter anyway. Really, people. Are they trying to tell me that in the 24 hr, 7 days per week of videotaping, the only interesting thing that happened was Jeff Probst stalling before announcing that Ruth Marie was voted off.

But that isn't poker! This is. I played at the 1/2 Limit Beginner's tables at Party last night. In a few hands, I was up $25. On one of those hands, I called bets to the river where I hit my inside straight draw. I was clearly not playing well, but at least I didn't have to be embarassed; I was at a beginner's table. Meanwhile, I couldn't get anything going at the regular shorthanded 1/2 limit table. I ended up $16 at the beginner's table and down $16.50 at the shorthanded table. With my SNG loss, it was a negative day, to the tune of $11.50. Worst of all, my 9-day winning streak ended. Of course, at least 3 of those 9-days were wins under $5 ($3.50, $1, and $0.25), but a streak is a streak. I could have kept the streak alive by quitting after winning the $25 at the beginner's table. I don't regret sticking around though. I'm just proud I was able to quit loser, before I let myself continue to play horribly. I think it may have been one of those situations when play wasn't optimal. After being in Boston overnight (no poker) and returning to NY late, I was really looking to play, and this impulsiveness does not equal good poker.

Speaking of impulsive poker, I am still working out the details with the Poker Champ to have our Heads Up match. Right now, I am going to shoot for Thursday at 9pm, but I have to make sure that the Champ is available. I see that DuggleBogey and the Champ have been having a back and forth. I'm keeping out of that. I want to just explain something for a moment. Regardless of the Champ's views on my poker abilities, tourists, and women, I don't want this to be a pile-on the Champ situation. I left a comment at the Champ's blog about showing some respect, to which he responded that he has shown as much respect as he has been given. Damn it, but he was right. I guess the other thing is that I have always been a devil's advocate and a fan of the underdog, so I don't want to just slam the guy because it has become fashionable. No matter what though, I hope we have some railbirds for our game.

If I'm not a tool, I'll also remember to listen to the Flop radio show tonight online, and contact Mark, the winner of the DADIII HUC. If all goes well, I'll be on his show with TripJax tomorrow night at about 6:30. Now I just need to follow through. This is not my specialty.

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At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Respect isn't given, it's earned. He hasn't earned any, poker skill wise or socially. Acting like a mysoginistic racist will do that.


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