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Man of Leisure

You may have heard it before, and I'm sure you'll hear it again, but I'm a Man of Leisure. I like my free time to do important things like play poker and sit on my ass. Unfortunately, at times, leisure time is in short supply. Welcome to the Weekend from Hell!

Tonight, at about 6pm, I'll leave the office and head to the movie theatre, where I'll meet wifey Kim for Harry Potter 4. Yep, I'm seeing it on openning night, mostly because wifey Kim is a big fan. The only problem is that my authentic replica Hogwart's uniform is at the dry-cleaners. Yes, folks, dry humor at its best.

So, after the movie, wifey Kim and I will probably grab some grub and drinks at everyone's favorite mass-produced neighborhood restaurant, Applebees. I love dem Applebees, mostly because the food is very adequate for generic deep fried crap. Those 22 oz beers ain't too shabby either.

So far so good, right? Well, buckle up. Saturday morning, I will come to the office to prepare a motion that needs to be drafted by the end of the day Monday. I'll leave there and get to the train station at about noon, where I'll meet wifey Kim and head to LI. Once I'm at LI, I'll go to Fortunoffs and return our last unused wedding gift. Hopefully, I'll use the store credit to get me some new pillows. The new one's we have are so thick, they are essentially useless. Go figure!

Ok, I can do this for an hour, so let's do the Cliff Notes. Pick up the proofs from the wedding. Pick up the framed marriage contract and wifey Kim's degrees. Do some more work, this time on LI. Start to choose proofs for our wedding album. Dinner with wifey Kim's Dad and step-mom (chore), drinks and partying with wifey Kim's friends for one of their birthdays.

Sunday drive from LI to NYC and drop off the framed items. Pack and pick up summer clothing and anything else we don't want filling up our apartment. Set up e-bay or craigslist to sell a bunch of books we have taking up space. Drive to LI and empty out the car. Do more work. Play poker (THANK GOD!) hopefully by 4 for the US v. UK III match. More work. Sleep.

Monday attend a deposition on LI where I will be doing nothing but listening. Go to the Courthouse in between and review the Court's file on a certain case. Email my boss with the motion, completed. Return to LI home and do more work. More depositions on Tuesday.

Ahhhh. This was very therpuetic. It's a fucking lot. But I guess there is nothing to it but to do it. Man, this is why I need to be a professional poker player.

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At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's one hell of a weekend... good luck, you'll get through it!

Also, I need some help on a tournament situation which is explained at the end of my latest post. That's a shout out to anyone that would like to offer his/her(I had to include this for Veneno) advice! Help!

At 9:55 PM, Blogger cmitch said...

So what are you going to be doing with the rest of the weekend?

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