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Accolades of Greatness

Hey everybody! I'm not usually one for sloppy seconds, but I've followed in Kipper's footsteps and have become Blog of the Week at! And much like sloppy seconds, I've found BestPokerBlogs fortunately desperate enough after Kip to choose this humble blog. I'm going to put this one in my trophy case, next to my 5th most popular blog title from and my best dressed poker blogger award from ClownPenis.fart (ten gold stars for anyone who knows where THAT reference is from).

Why aren't I BestPokerBlog's blog of the month?! Well, I really shouldn't say anti-semites . And if you can't take that joke BestPokerBlogs and/or readers, you've obviously chosen the wrong blog to read. Of course, I'm usually not this offensive.

So, potential new readers, here's a rundown of what you'll get here at High on Poker!

First off, you'll get this genius web design, but only for a couple of more days, after which my main man TripJax (another fine blogger, and future Blog of the Month), hooks it up. A HUGE thanks to Trip.

Second, you'll get to read all about my desperate attempt to win some money in the hopes of bettering myself and getting out of the mundane life of a lawyer. Yep, NYC lawyer to be exact. But don't be fooled. Ally McBeal it ain't (except for my cute business mini-skirts).

Third, you'll get my You Decide posts (see side bar with links). Speaking of You Decide, here is an unofficial one that literally just happened. I was playing a $20 MTT on Carribean Poker (where I am earning my PSO bonus points for more Best Buy gift certificates; oh, and new readers, check out'll blow your mind. Highly recommended!). It was early in the game but I wasn't paying attention. I held KJ and raised in MP because the table was only 6-handed (only 12 people in the MTT!). The flop was K93 or something, with two hearts. I bet again and one guy in the BB pushes all in. I learned a while ago from reading the Poker Grub that when a player pushes all-in with a lot of chips after the flop, the player is usually playing a weak hand. So, I called. I was wrong. His K9, two pair, took down the hand, and now I'm typing. I'm too smart for my own good.

Fourth, er, there isn't a fourth. I mean, there is a fourth, and a fifth, sixth and seventh, but you'll have to find those gems for yourself. Until then, I'll be donking my money in MTTs and trying to half-ass a motion to amend a complaint by tomorrow morning. Yipee! Thanks BestPokerBlogs! You've made my day!

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At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's from SNL. Now where are my 10 gold stars!!!


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