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Mixed Nuts

I don't have anything particular to write about right now. However, I do feel like writing, so here's an installment of Mixed Nuts:

Robbie Hole sent me a text message today inviting me to play at his home game tonight. I can't go, but I sure want to. I have dinner plans with college pal Jefe, and I have to keep some semblence of a non-poker life. Stupid semblence.

I'm playing Wednesday night at the Genoa Club in NYC. At least that is the plan. The only problem is that I have to appear in court in New Jersey the next morning at 8:30AM. Another reason to hate NJ. That's # 14,256.

I'll still probably play at Genoa though. I want to become a known player there. Last time I was there it was the Friday before my Sunday nuptuals. I let players know that I was getting married on Sunday, mostly to play as a shtick. "You know, I'm getting married on Sunday, so it would be rude to re-raise." Even so, I think it had the added effect of making me memorable. That and my wiseass smack talking self. Favorite line of that night: it was me and one other player heads-up and he suggested a split of 400/360 (I get 360) because he had about 900 more chips than me (we both had about 20,000). My response was, "Even split or nothing. I don't even care. I'll just take first place anyway."

I've just been let in on the controversy surrounding a blogger who talked smack about other people's blogs. I'm a smack talking sonuvabitch and all, but I don't get smack talking other blogs. It seems like an attempt at publicity. Oh well. All communities need a villain. Smack-talker, you are it. I'm sure you will post a comment, and feel free. But I'm going to ride the fence on this one. I can't help but feel like the situation is akin to pro-wrestling, where the bad guy says, "Screw you Milwaukee" intentionally so that the Milwaukee crowd gets pissed. Well, whatcha gonna do, Smack-Talker, when the legions of High-amaniacs run wild on you! Ooooh yeah!

On that subject, poker blogging has been a very open community to me so far, and for that I am appreciative. I'm an inclusive sorta guy. Maybe it's from that traumatic childhood experience when Kevin wouldn't let me play Candyland. It wasn't my fault I sucked out and got the double purple card just in time to cut him off from the last yellow spot. He didn't even have the decency to say NH. Prick!

The HUC2 is humming along with new people emailing or commenting all day. If you are interested, we have about 8 spots open, but I expect them all to fill up. Any questions can be left via comment, or emailed to me at brodybanky (at) aol (dot) (communist). Email is preferable, so I can respond to you directly.

Look for the Heads-Up Challenge Blog to be updated in the next couple of days. I have to speak to the Outreach Chair to see if he wants to make a HUC2 blog or keep the old one. My vote is to keep the old one. I think we might want to change some things this time though, by having all updates go through one or more central parties. 16 bloggers are a bit too many to be editing at their own whim. Just a thought.

My poker blogging has been pretty weak, I think. At least the HUC2 is giving me some focus. I need to talk some more about strategy. A good topic might be high pocket pairs in limit at different table conditions. I could also go more into the Ebb and Flow poker style I employ at times. But that should really wait until after the HUC2.

I plan on playing some more HU matches tonight. I am 6 for 6, and am up approximately $45 since switching to all HU all the time. I want to move from $10 HU SNGs to $20, but I think I out to wait until I am up $80. My bankroll at Titan (where I have been playing the HU SNGs) is about $180 or so, along with $100 in Neteller and $30-40 on UB. So, realistically I can afford $20 HU SNGs. But I have mentally separated the HU SNG bankroll, and now consider it to be merely the profit. My real goal is to go 10 for 10.

In case HUC2 Challengers are concerned, I found playing HU in the last challenge to be very difficult even though I liked my skills and chances pre-Challenge. I placed last. Last!

I don't like working a 9-to-5 job. I called wifey Kim today to tell her that this poker thing better work. I love poker. I hate working. Why do I work then? Damn society!

Aw, what's in the poker?! What's in the poker?!

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At 6:08 PM, Blogger WillWonka said...

As I answered on my blog...

OK.. All Right.. this peer pressure is killing me... Count me in.

I like the change to 2 out of 3 and not having to play everybody (that would have been a bunch of HUs)...

For the record.. technically, I will not be playing... but just donating.. I shouldnt' even be playing with this crowd.. I don't have a chance.. Maybe I'll slip under the radar...
hmmm sounds familiar....

At 1:31 AM, Blogger total said...

OK I'm in. I just checked with UB and they allow $25 deposits from Firepay so I can transfer money in without killing my bankroll.

Dead Money Walking!

At 12:25 PM, Blogger TraumaPoker said...

"I've just been let in on the controversy surrounding a blogger who talked smack about other people's blogs"

I wouldn't call it a controversy and obviously it wasn't that big of a deal if you had to be let in on it. I think what made it more of a “controversy” was the fact that said blogger found the rant I posted (and I knew he would) and then chose to respond in his blog. While he did not link me directly, he did leave enough instructions on how someone could find my blog. So if it wasn’t for him I would have a shitty blog that no one reads but now I got a shitty blog that a few people have seen and laughed at.


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