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Oh, I'm in too. Apparently Poker Stars is having a freeroll tournament for bloggers only. So, when I get home from work today, I'm going to use PSO (referral code: HighOnPoker) to sign up at Poker Stars and enter their freeroll. Unfortunately, to use PSO, I'll need to deposit $$ and the only money easily accessible is from my UB account, which has a paltry $50. At least this will be a start. Maybe I'll withdraw from Noble and move that money to PokerStars once I'm done.

HOLD THE PRESSES! Upon a review of PSO, I realize that they do not have a promotion for Poker Stars. This is actually GOOD. Now I'll just sign up at PokerStars and not deposit anything. I'm still entering the blogger-only freeroll for a chance to win a seat to the Poker Stars Carribean WPT event worth $12,000 ($8K buy in, travel, and spending $$). Also available are LCD TVs, X-Box 360s, and iPod Nanos (which would make mu PSO Quest for an IPod irrelevant). I can smell success already, and it oddly smells like an everything bagel with cream cheese.

In other poker news, I have reached my September goal of $500 online. This is an amazing achievement for me, for several reasons. (1) This is the 2nd goal accomplished in a row, after my $400 by Sept. 1 goal; (2) I was way behind of my target not long ago and made up those losses quickly; (3) I've effectively multiplied my $50 buy-in times 10!

The funny thing is, I beat it nonchalantly and only realized my accomplishment a half hour later. Last night, after a long day of work, I finished my NJ homework, went to Kinkos to copy and mail it out, went out to pick up dinner, did my laundry, shaved my head and beard, showered, packed for the honeymoon, cleaned the apartment, and a couple of more odds and ends necessary before my Sunday nuptuals. All of this, and I finally had 10 minutes to relax at about 11pm. I signed on to Titan and played some 2/4. In no time, I was up $24. I was reading players perfectly and eventually beat the table into folding submission. It felt great. But fiance Kim wanted to spend some time together (as did I), so I signed off in under 20 minutes. 30 minutes later and I've realized that I hit my goal.

I mentioned this to fiance Kim, who was already in bed at that point waiting for me. The conversation went like this:

"You know what?" Me of course.
"What?" Fiance Kim, in all her glory.
I thought twice. We are about to get married. Poker isn't that important. "Nevermind. It's stupid."
"No. Tell me now."
"Okay, but it's poker related. I just realized I reached my goal of having $500 online. I made it all from $50."
"You have $500?! Online? That we could use? We need money?"
Shit. I should've kept my big mouth shut. Damage control, bring in the roundabout logic.
"Yeah, honey, but you are missing the big picture. I made it all from $50. That is 10x the money I started with. I still see it as $50 right now. And I'm going to build it to $1000. And the real goal is to hit $2000 and buy a new TV." I just locked myself in to depleting my bankroll. Ug.

Fortunately, the converation stopped there. We'll see what happens when I hit $2000. Of course, I really want a new TV, so I would like to withdraw at some point. But in poker, money begats money, and I want to get to the point where I can live off of my poker money. Or at least live partially off of it. This is a long term goal. Very long term. But it's a goal nonetheless. And goals got nothing on me.

Final note. I will be returning to the Genoa Club tonight, for some 1/2 NL. I'd like to play their $40, 1 rebuy tournament, but I'd have to arrive by 7:30 and I still have some odds and ends to tie up. Wish me luck.

Poker, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the blogger HighOnPoker.

When I told fiance Kim late at night about reaching my goal

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At 12:26 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

"Ug. I just locked myself in to depleting the bankroll."

Some things are always better left unsaid. You'll learn that soon enough.

That being said, when you buy that TV with poker earnings, it will be the best TV on the planet, to you.

Married? This Sunday? Damn, I didn't realize it was that soon. Congrats, and may you and Kim have a long and wonderful life together. I wish you happiness.


At 5:03 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Hey thanks for the heads up on the PokerStars blogger freeroll. This is going to be fun!!! I gave you the reference High. Thanks for pointing it out.

I'll add you to my poker blogger roll on my blog.


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