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Last night, when it was just Greg, Bobby and I wrapping things up, Greg told me he'd let me know about his homegame. He's out on Long Island, and they usually play on weekdays, so it will take a lot of arranging to make it a viable game for me. While we were discussing this, I brought up the blog. I don't think he knew what a blog is, per se, but I mentioned it in passing: "Since I've been blogging, I've been trying to play as often as possible in as many random games as I can find." Last night I was discussing NYC and LI card rooms and other poker possibilities. I mentioned what I think is the cheapest game in town, a $30, $20 rebuy/add-on tournament in a LI card room on Saturdays and Sundays. I think it was Hole or Roose (this was earlier in the night) who said, "The cheapest games are the home games." True enough, but I think that I need to play against strangers if I am going to improve and expand my game. Your thoughts on that subject?

This Sunday, fiance Kim is going with her father and step-mother to "invite" her grandparents to our wedding. Fiance Kim's grandparents on her father's side are both no longer with us. So she will in fact by visiting their graves to leave an invitation. Spooooooky! Last weekend, I joined fiance Kim, her mother Sharon, and her grandfather Papa on a two state, two borough tour of cemetaries as we invited several of fiance Kim's maternal ancestors to our wedding. It's weird stuff, I know. When fiance Kim asked my mother for invitations for the dead relatives, my mother replied, "Do they need response cards?" Yuck, yuck! I have a funny family. My Dad's response was, "You can invite them, but they better not show up!" True enough!

I joined fiance Kim last weekend, but this weekend I am trying to get out of it. I feel like a jerk, in a sense, because I should be with her and blah blah blah. But on the other hand, when I mentioned that I didn't want to go, she didn't seem to mind. She wavered a bit, and if she asked I'd go in a heartbeat. But right now, I am going to let sleeping dogs lie. So, what should we tell her dad and stepmom that I am doing? Choices include, (1) donating blood, (2) celebrating a friend's birthday, (3) having a tracheotemy, or (4) trying out for the "Apprentice". I can't seem to come up with a decent excuse for a Sunday afternoon. I'll have to work on that.

So, what will I be doing if I don't go to the cemetary? The $30/$20 tournament at the LI card room, of course. I can taste the gambling already. I realize that I don't have a great chance to win. The players rebuy like mad, and my bankroll can't stand to lose too much. The place actually has a double add-on, so in total, I am going to budget $90. That will cover $30 buy-in, $20 rebuy, and the double-add-on for $40. If I lose the 2nd rebuy before the add-on period, I'll call it a day.

Love that poker, people. On Thursday, a night I usually reserve for Hole's home game, I might go to a NYC card room called the Aquarium. They are having a "freeroll", but there is a $25 cover with food and drinks (non-alcoholic) supplied. I've been meaning to stop there, and Joaquin, who won the last freeroll, will probably be there. Dr. Pauly himself may attend before heading to Amsterdam. I hope so, as I haven't seen him in a long while, and I believe my poker, blogging, and general poker blogger knowledge has blown up since the first time I met him as a green as grass blogger.

So, pokers a plenty, if all goes well. I need to also work on my online bankroll, which if I'm not mistaken is very close to the $500 mark. I think it is at $475, but it could be as low as $415, since I can't quite recall where I was at last. I know that I was at or near both predicted numbers relatively recently. I fear I am closer to the latter.

I also have my $100 sitting in Neteller. I plan on playing at PokerRewards through PokerSourceOnline, bonuscode HighOnPoker. After that, I'll move onto the next promotion until I have my iPod. Cause I'll earn me that iPod damnit, with or without your help! When I told Roose about my iPod plan, he told me that those sites are all scams. True enough, when you are clicking a pop-up that says, "Whack President Bush and get an X-Box!" But this PSO stuff is for real. I have the poker table and PokerTracker to prove it. Gotta love the freebies!

Have a great long weekend. I'll be working for at least one day this weekend. It's part of the job I guess. Be good to yourself and each other.

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