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MTT Time (Poker Week Day 1)

I sat down to write about my trip to Atlantic City, when I realized that in the past few days, I've had a slew of poker-related activities. Therefore, I've officially dubbed this Poker Week, and will provide individual posts for different days/events. It will make it easier for me by allowing shorter concise posts.

This one will be a real quickie, as I've already hinted at the games played on Saturday.

Jordan's Wonderful Magical Mystery Poker Tour started off with a bang Saturday afternoon. After dropping fiance Kim off at her mother's place, for a day of wedding tomfoolery, I returned to my parent's home in Long Island. I had some time to kill and my parents were away. With no one around, I signed up for a $3 rebuy tournament on Noble. I placed 5th out of 97 people. Noble is my bitch, and all the players there are my girls. The win earned me about $50 worth of profit, which is no big payday, but still a nice chunk of change. Plus, I can add the win to my mental list of big tournament wins. It's not about the payout but more about the win. Saying I placed in 5th out of 97 is an accomplishment. When addede with my previous big MTT wins, it makes me feel like maybe I have some skill.

I went out with Clam David (my brother) that night. You can read all about it in a previous post. When I returned home, at about 2 am, drunk and alone (fiance Kim was on Long Island overnight), I fired up Noble and saw the $3 rebuy. I took another crack at it. There were 60 or so players, which is surprising to me, for that late at night. Unfortunately, I placed in the low 20s, which didn't pay out. Meanwhile, however, I won $9 playing .25/.50 NL, which covered my buy-in, rebuy, and add-on. A break even drunk poker session works for me.

Don't forget to read the next post (hopefully you are reading these in chronological order), detailing my 5-Diamond Invitational Poker Tournament...or at least whatever I recall of it.

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At 3:36 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

Welcome back, brother.

Sorry you missed the kickoff to the HU Challenge, but a good time was had by all last night. Well, at least me, TripJax, DoubleAs and Will-Wonka.

We all played HU against each other and have completed three of the 1st round matches.

You should have been there.


At 4:09 PM, Blogger WillWonka said...

Which part was the good time? lol..

At 4:24 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

Okay, maybe Will didn't have quite as much fun as I did.LOL.


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