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I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry

Damn Absolute Poker! Damn it to hell! I've almost torn through my entire deposit there, which I would repeat, but I can't seem to do it without breaking down into tears. I withdrew $50, seeing that it was a waste of my time, but still have about $22 left. I'm going to play .25/.50 until I finish my last 30 or so points to receive my next $10 bonus. Of course, I'll probably lose all $22 in the process. But then, I'm out.

Absolute has been sheer torture. Pocket Ts hit a set on the flop, but my opponent with KK hits his K on the turn. Hey, Jordan, you've turned a K-high flush! Not so fast, because the guy to your left has the Ace-high flush. Wa-wa-wa!

This is what has been typically happening to me. Raise pre-flop with QQ, get 4 callers, and see a AKx flop! Here is another gem. AQ raised pre-flop. Flop is J high. I bet, and he calls. Next card is an ace (thank god). I bet, he calls. River is a Q. OK! I bet, he raises me. Wha? I call. He has QQ! Aw, come on! Where's the camera? This is one of those prank shows, right? Nope. Absolute just sucks.

Now, why should I blame it on Absolute? Maybe it's me. I decided to test that theory by returning home to Noble Poker. I entered the $3 Rebuy NL tournament, with 96 of my best friends. I placed in 5th, winning a little over $50 (much needed, thank you!). So, apparently it isn't me. At least not entirely me.

As for the Noble win, I'm very proud. I never went all-in with the worst of it. I played very selective hands, and played aggressive when needed. I even had 2 hammer bluffs, and one all-in bluff from the button with 24o. If he had anything (as he was the shortstack), I would be in trouble, but I watched him enough to know that his hand requirements were really high. The rule of 10 is a god send, and it amazes me that others don't know/use it. When you have 5 times the big blind, DON'T LIMP. One more time for the slow kids: DO NOT LIMP! Just gather your balls and push. I know you are going for 10th place, but you aren't getting there anyway with your play.

So, I'm probably going out with my little brother, Clam David, and his friends tonight. It's always an interesting time with this crew because they drink like there is no tomorrow. God bless! Tomorrow is the 5-Diamond Invitational Bounty Tournament, and I'm so exciting I've wet myself...twice. Wish me luck.

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