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An SNG Play by Play

As I awaited my 6 person $5 turbo SNG to start, I decided it was time to do another tournament play by play. I'll do my best to blog, play, and enjoy some innane banter with my fellow challengers (GSux and Kip are both in the middle of SNGs).

9:05pm Players start with 1500 chips. First hand is KhAh. I flop the nut flush and slowplay until a final bet on the end makes my opponent fold. 2060 in chips. Qc3c and Td5d are easy folds. I take the blinds post flop with T6 when I hit mid pair with the 6 and bet out with four players in the hand. A half-pot bet from the BB and they all bow to me. In the SB, I give up BB times two, when my JQ doesnt hit the flop.

9:10pm Blinds raise and I have 55 UTG. I double the blinds with 5 callers. AKT flop and I fold to someone else's raise. He shows 44. Ug. I give up a BB and SB without a fight. 1975. KAo, and UTG already bet. Raise the pot. Miss the 455 flop and fold. 66 wins 4 blinds on the flop with a QQ5 board. 1650. Our first player, someone I was actually 'scared of' is out. Hahaha! He lost to a fish on my right. 99 in SB. Button raises big and I call. Two other callers. 55T board. Someone pushes before me and I fold. He's out by the same fish.

9:15pm Blinds raise. 99 again! Lose. Down to 845 and have AhKh again. Some guy raises before me and I reraise. Next thing I know, I'm all in with AK v JJ and hit an A and K. The next hand JJ is out. 1830 with three players left. Intermittent Internet problems are giving me agita. I steal some blinds, but otherwise let the other players (with bigger stacks) collide. Treading water. 1300.

God loves me. I suck out the chip leader with my JT v. his 9K, T99 flop. All in. J turn, T river. Kaching. A little while later my stupid bluffs dont pay off. I should know better! Trip tens earns me a nice pot. I hit the Ts on the turn and river. SB folds to my hammer when I'm BB betting PF. Of course, I show. "HAMMER!"

I'm desperate and need to push. 1195. 75/150 blinds. Move all in with the hammer (again) and all fold. Get AA and move all in. Someone calls with 22 and I double up. Suddenly, after some aggressive play, I'm chipleader with 3800. Dropped the hammer (AGAIN!) after a PF bet makes the SB fold. Expert bluffing. But then I double someone up! Stupid flush and straight draw! 2880. I place when my Q8 hits four flush v AQ, taking out 3rd place. My K2 hits a 225 flop. My opponent raises minimum and I minimum reraise. He folds. Get into the ebb and flow, acting desperate, until I get AA, and I get him to call me all in with his A8.

But, about 12 hands later, I lose with KhQh v. 68 when he hits his 8. No harm. It was touch and go at the end. I'm just glad to have made the money. I focused and made some great moves as a result. Overall, a happy-ish ending. Next time, though, I'm taking first!

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At 5:26 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

Don't cry for me, Argentina!

You can wait for the tears when I'm counting the money. LOL

I'm out and headed to the house. Talk to you tonight.



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