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Disciplinary Limit

Damn me. During lunch, I took the short walk home. I didn't intend to play poker, but I had some time and I always have the inclination. I lost about $45 in a NL ring game because I suck. That's right. I suck. Players were very loose, and I played into one person's hand particularly. A short while later at another table, I made a poor call, followed by a good call that lost when the prag hit his flush on the river. If not for the flush, I would've been back to even. But gamblor, god of gambling, had something else in mind. He wanted to teach me a lesson.

I used to suck at online poker (maybe I still do). See this post to have an indication of how things went. Then things turned around. I started playing limit more, to control the variance. I also got into the limit challenge with DNasty, and consequently won $150 or so. While some might see $150 as a pittance, it is a good chunk of change for a player with my limited online bankroll.

The limit challenge ended, and I was free to roam the poker countryside. However, the countryside is riddled with all sorts of pitfalls. Most notably, my NL online game is crap. Pure crap. These players won't fold to pre-flop raises. Hell, they won't fold to any raises. And I know that I set up a pretty poor table image by my early aggression. I could work on my online NL ring game. OR I can revert back to the discipline of limit play.

I've chosen the latter. With the $115 or so left in my Noble account (I've already withdrew $100 not too long ago), I am going to return to the limit challenge format. I want to be a profitable player, and if playing limit makes me profitable, then limit it is. The SNG challenge will allow me to shake things up. The home cash games will keep me from NL ring game atrophy. But when I have a little while to play, it'll have to be limit, under the limit challenge guidelines. I said many times that I wanted to turn that $50 investment into $500. I've pissed away some of the money already and withdrew some as well, but I still will follow my old goal. From $50 to $500. To make it easier on myself, I'll include the $100 I withdrew, and assume that all of the money in my account is from the limit challenge (even though a chunk is from a MTT 3rd place finish). So, I am about $285 short of my goal.

Discipline. I don't got it, but I want it.

Love that Poker!

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At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Pii said...

Where is the post that sets up "The SnG Challenge?"

I'm too lazy to find it myself, but I might want to join you guys.

At 5:30 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

The Challenge starts on Monday. I'll add a link to the SNG Challenge rules or create a new post with the rules so you can see what the deal is. Of course, with so little time left before the challenge and six players, I'd prefer to get a majority consent before adding another player. So, if any of the challengees are reading this, leave your response: Yay or Nay for Pii. Realistically, I don't expect any Pii's but I don't want to decide unilaterally. And Pii, if you aren't interested after you read the rules, leave a comment.


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