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Lunch with UB

Whenever I see UB, I think of my alma mater, University at Buffalo. But now it has taken on a new meaning, Ultimate Bet, home of the SNG Challenge. If you don't know about the SNG Challenge, your ass better call somebody. Or you can click here, which is indubitably easier.

Today, I went home for lunch, a quick 5 minute walk from my office. Things at the office have been less than ideal, so I'm happy to be able to escape for an hour. I decided that I was going to make some food and relax, but inevitably I ended up firing up UB for a quick $5 6-person SNG tournament. I lost, in third place. Yeah Bubble! It occurred to me that for me to win back my losses, I'd have to win 1st place in my next $5 6-person SNG, as 2nd only pays $9. Quite the conundrum.

So, how was my play? A little rushed, admittedly. I took out a player with A9 suited when I hit a flush draw on the flop, bet and was raised with the other player's all-in. I had to call, even though he had top pair. I hit the flush and took one down. I hit another 4-card flush draw a few hands later to make some more casheesh. But when it got down to 3 players, I was the smaller of the three stacks. I raised a couple of times when I shouldn't have, and consequently, had less than T1000, when I received 44 on the button. I made a minimum raise, and the BB called. The flop was 567. I raised all-in. The way I saw it, he could've had anything when calling the minimum bet, EXCEPT a bunch of off-suit low cards. With a board of low cards, an underpair and a straight draw, I thought I was golden. Hopefully he'd call with KJ or even AK. But he had J7 and I failed to improve.

Lessons learned? None really. I just have to focus more, I suppose. I'm going to remain single-tabling for the time being. The SNG challenge is structured so you can only lose 10 $5 SNGs before you go bust (without any wins). I don't plan on going out like that. First off, I'm a better player than that. Second, who isn't. But still, slow and steady wins the race.

I've noticed 21 new readers today. Welcome. Please enjoy the read. Take a look at some of my earlier posts if you have a chance. Personal favorites include The Mystery of the Missing Rake, Tourney Story, and all of my You Decides (see the sidebar for those links). If you have some advice on some of the You Decide hands, please leave a comment. I encourage and hope for discussion as much as possible. Most of all, thanks for reading. Without you, I'd be doing little more than literary masturbation.

SNG away!

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At 8:33 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Aaahh yes, the myster of the missing rake. I think I laughed 10 minutes straight on that one. Sorry to hear about the slow start...think I'm gonna fire up my 1st one tonight. Still debating how to put my numbers up on my site...we'll see.



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