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Success at 8C

My poker game last night went off as a success. The only problem was that money was missing from the pot at the end of the night. As the host, I blame myself. I may have dished out too many chips or I may have let someone cash themseleves out. In the end, Dre was nice enough to cover $10 of the missing dough. He was the BIG winner of the night, but it was still a fine thing to do.

The game went exceptionally well for me. I honed in my desire to bluff too often. The table was as follows: Me (Seat 1), Dave Roose (2), Robbie Hole (3), Mikey Aps (4), Hafele (5), Leano (6), Desi (7) and Dreson (8). As my table only seats 8, we had a full table, which is great considering the fact that I had to cancel my last 2 or 3 attempts to hold a game because of low turnout.

At the end of the night, there were only two winners, Dreson (who won over $150), and me (up $67). I would've been up more, but toward the end of the night, Dreson with his huge stack, me and Aps were the only players left, and I went on tilt. I actually was the player to call it quits for the night, which is rare for me in my own house. However, I was not giving up my hard earned money when everyone clearly knew I was on tilt.

A couple of notable events of the night: I was hitting cards a lot when I limped with K9 or J8. I was making great reads, and putting players on tough decisions. For that, I am proud. I didn't get a single pocket pair above 5s, except for one hand in which I had 99. I may have gone all-in once, if that.

Roose was giving me crap about my blog, as per usual. I tried to quietly tell him to shut up, as I don't advertise my blog to everyone I know. Its really only for a select few because (a) I don't want everyone to know my strategy, and (b) I want to talk honestly about people without offending them. By the end of the night, everyone was giving me crap, but I just laughed it off. This one is for Hafe:

"Dear Blog: Last night, I had the guys over to play cards. Someone raised it to $2 with a low pocket pair, and Hafele raised it to $7. All others folded. Hafe had AT. What the hell was he thinking! PS- Barry Greenstein is dreamy."

Haha. Anyway, on that hand, I was particularly proud. I had 35o in the BB. Someone raised in MP, Hafe re-raised. When I folded, immediately after the MP folded, I said to Hafe, "go ahead, show your cards, you ain't got nothing." He looked at me incredulously, and defensively said, "You don't show your cards." I replied, "I just showed my KT" (which was a bluff against loose player Hole, of all people). He couldn't argue with that, and showed his AT. Hafe then said, "Now go write about it in your blog!" which I did.

Another problem with the blog. I played two or three big hands against Hole, who is a semi-steady reader. He read my Ebb and Flow post, which has a lot of my strategy in it. Because of that, he had a theory as to what I was doing. He was close, but he had it backwards. In an early hand, (which I mentioned above) I had KT on the button and I think there was a pre-flop raise to $2.50. It was just Hole and I. The flop was QJ7. I raised it to $5. He called. The next card was a blank. I raised it $10. He thought for a while and folded. I showed my bluff and he told me he had the 7s.
In a later hand, I had K7 and the flop was KK8. It was just Rob and I, and I was the button. He checked, I checked. The next card was a T. He raised $3. I called. The next was a blank. He checked. I raised $3. He thought for a while and called, theorizing that I was bluffing. When he saw my cards, he mumbled about the ebb and flow.

He wasn't entirely off that night. On one hand, I bet maybe $10-15 on the river, with just him and I. He stated aloud that I bet so big because I wanted him to think I was betting the pot. He was right, and correctly folded. Kudos to him on that one.

There were some wild hands, including one in which my two-pair swept about $30 to wipe out Desi. Overall, the players enjoyed themselves, and many were asking to play again in a week. I think I'll wait 2 weeks, but who knows. I love my poker!

After playing, it was still early and I contemplated playing a little of the limit challenge. But, I was still a little on tilt, AND I kind of felt sick of playing poker. That brings me to this general theory: You can never get enough of the things you WANT, but at some point you are satiated with the things you NEED. For instance, we can all use more money to an unlimited extent. But you can only eat so much food. The former is a want, the latter a need. This theory and my post-Vegas, post-AC, post-homegame anti-poker feelings would lead me to believe that poker is a Need and not a mere Want. How very sad.

That's all folks. Thanks for reading my scatterbrained thoughts.

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At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problem linking up to you! I think its a riot a fellow poker player is reading your blog and then playing against you! Its something you can take advantage of! And I see you did!


Oh and I changed the name of my blog. What do you think?

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Yeah. Its interesting when playing against someone with an insight into your game. I definitely felt that it put me at an odd advantage against Hole. That said, I was also hoping that he would not spread around too much info, because it is uncomfortable knowing that others have info on you.

Kipper, I didnt find your blog until the name change. That said, adding poker to the title of a blog is always a plus. People will know what to expect. Thanks for reading.


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