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Holy Post

I recieved an email from Robbie Hole today that, well, speaks for itself. Check it out:

"......So i was going to drop off my brothers [Jefferson Hole, mentioned in a previous post about Hole's last home game] i pod at his friends and he calls me a couple hours before and want to get a poker game together of cause is say sure and ask how many people. And he is not sure but i let him know i am in. So of course the addict i am cant wait to go drop off my brothers i pod. I leave joys house in a rush i get there and its just my bro and his friend there it seems that every one is has dropped out so we play pool till one guy finally shows......he seems to be the poker player of the group. So since we have four we play some cards.........we play a small tourney five to play 20 to the winner. First of all i was playing with with a bunch of beginnerss.....thats for sure. To start off by saying they weren't even going to play blinds if it wasnt for me... and i convinced them that when a 10 dollar bet is made that the least the next can raise is 10 or more .....not less. so any way to make a short story long......I really felt like i knew what i was doing and sat back one one pot and let my man to my left take out Jeff and Evan and i was way short stacked at the heads up game ......the blinds were up to 8 to play and i had 56 ....he had like 1000.... i came back after three all ins and i was in the lead which forced him all in and i had pocket nines for the clincher and won the tourney i know that there was only four guys but i knew that i was going to win from the beginning. The real funny thing that i was fighting with my brother after the game was over cause he said that this was all luck and i just laughed so hard........cause if all other games are luck this game we just played was total skill..........."

HAHAHAHAHA! I'll tell you what I loved about Hole's story. His brother, a newbie to the game, has not reached that level where he understands the wholeness of it all. Luck is a factor, without a doubt. But skill is crucial to the game. Otherwise, (pardon the cliche) you wouldn't see the same players at the WSOP or WPT final tables. To a newbie, the game is all luck because luck is a newbie's best weapon. When a newbie is willing to limp in with J8 out of position and the flop has two 8s in it, the newbie thinks, "Hey, I'm lucky!" When a skilled player is playing against the newbie and calls a minimal bet because of pot-odds, and then hits the flush or straight, the newbie thinks, "Hey, he won because he's lucky." Take Hole's final hand, for instance. Hole got lucky by having two 9s. But he put himself in a position to get lucky by taking the chiplead with (I'm assuming) his usual expert play.

I love newbies. They keep it real! Real easy! KACHING!

Congrats, Hole. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Get. Me. Into. That. Game. You and I will clean up!

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At 7:47 AM, Blogger D said...

Not much limit poker challenge going on this end. I am up but only right around 20. With that said I havent logged on to a Poker site to play since Monday. Woah is me...Won 95 at the local casino with SteelerJosh. Had a good time that night in all, most of it was free drinks and food from the firm. This weekend does not sound very promising for the Limit Challange either. Fireworks tonight, busy all day saturday, sunday who knows. Oh well...Maybe I can stay up late tonight and get on it.


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