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AK-47, They Ain't Just Two Poker Hands

I recently emailed TripJax. I checked out his site after playing with him at the Pauly freeroll, and wanted to leave a quick message. As it turns out, Trip had seen my site before, and he mentioned that he laughed at my pic with the AK-47. Reflecting on it, I thought I should share the story of how that picture came to be.

When taking photographs, I often like to shake things up. I can only do so many cheesy smiling pics. It isn't my style. So, when I was at my friend's summer home in the Hamptons (yeah, he's got dough) and he told me his dad, a gun aficianado, bought an AK-47 before they were banned in NY, I had to get the shot. Hence my freedom-fighter pose. I don't think I've ever really shot a gun, except for a rifle at summer camp once or twice. So, I'm not a gun nut...I just like absurd humor.

There you go. For now on, however, I will be adding 47s (and not 47o) to my playable/bluffable hands, in commemoration of this posting [notice my clever way of turning this into a poker posting].

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At 3:43 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Note to Readers:

I never did incorporate the 47s into my playable hands. I will try it shortly.


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