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The Sound of Poker

I play online poker. And while I play online poker, there is inevitably something else going on in the background. Most of the time, its the t.v. Usually, Kim is watching one of her programs that I am willing to watch, but not willing to give 100% attention to. Otherwise, I sometimes turn on the t.v. myself, and leave a show on in the background, usually poker.

But lately, when I'm playing and alone, I've started turning to the music channels. My cable company offers channels which play different music genres. I've lately been listening to the Rap station. As a suburban white boy growing up in the eighties and nineties, I practically grew up on rap music. I remember at the lunch after my jr. high school graduation, my mother got me a CD, Dr. Dre's the Chronic. My father, who had no involvement in the purchase, began reading song titles off of the back of the CD. I can vividly remember the shock on his face when he read titles like N****** with a Gun aloud. Classic.

Anyway, my point is, listening to music in the background, and Rap specifically, helps my game. There are less distractions. I don't have to half-pay-attention to the t.v. The music recedes into the background, and I can reach a poker zone.

Now, if I'm playing in person, I can't see myself as one of those players with their ipod at the table. I think there are too many audio tells to miss, like the tone in a person's voice. But online, those issues are nullified.

So, kudos to rap music. I'm sure other people can suggest different types of music. I personally listen to rock as well, but I'll dabble in just about anything (jazz, classic rock, techno, but not country or jam bands). I need to get more mp3s on my laptop, but I want to avoid opening the laptop to the perils (read: viruses) of file sharing programs. I'm thinking of signing up for one of the pay services. $1/song isn't bad. I might even buy a CD (something I haven't done in years). 50 Cent first, and who knows what after.

Oh, and last night, I had my second winning night in a row. I think I took another $10 or so. My online bankroll is $84, which is a nice recovery from when I was dipping below $60. Upward and onward.

So, if anyone wants to suggest some music to play poker to, please do. Leave a comment, or email me. I'd like some advice about techno music, since the trance beats work well for hitting a rhythm. But otherwise, I'm interested in any suggestions. And if you know a good file-sharing program (I am only familiar with Kazaa), pass the word along. Finally, to all NYers, enjoy the weather. And Happy Poker.

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