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Poker, the New Baseball

Not too long ago, I was on the phone with Mikey Aps (or maybe it was Robbie Hole) discussing my current life’s dream: to be a professional poker player.

I’ve read a couple of postings from professionals that warned people that it was not all that it was cracked up to be. Obviously, there are losing days. I suppose, it can be very stressful, too. But there is one positive that, to me, beats out all of the negatives. As a professional poker player, I could spend all day and make a living (hypothetically) by playing a game. It’s every kid’s dream. No real work. You make your own hours. And your day in the office consists of a freaking game.

When I was discussing this with Aps (or Hole), I came to the conclusion that being a professional poker players is akin to most kid’s dream to be a professional baseball player. I never was the athletic type. But we all, at one point or another, had that dream to be a professional basketball, football, hockey or even a lowly soccer player (just kidding, soccer fans).

Now, when I watch most any professional sport (except for golf), I am older than a good portion of the players. At 25, I’ve found a new athlete to aspire to…professional poker player.

So, for anyone who thinks that my dream to be a professional poker player is a pipe dream…that’s the point a$$hole. I like my pipedreams.

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