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Me, George, and Wheezy

I'm moving on up,
to the .25,
(moving on up),
to a deluxe table,
with high blinds!

So, I've played a $10, 6 person tournament and came in 2nd. I played very solidly. In one of my favorite hands of the tourney, I was in the big blind. All of the remaining 5 players limped in, for a 100 blind. I had pocket tens. The table was pretty tight, but I had a feeling that no one had me beat. Otherwise, they would have raised to protect their hand against the many callers. I overbet 800. All folded except for one guy. The flop was QQ9. Perfect. I put the caller on AK or AJ, since they did not reraise my 800 pre-flop raise. After much deliberation by my opponent, he called. He had about 2000 chips left. If I lost, I'd be down to about 500. Luckily, I was right. He had AK. The turn and river didn't help him, and I took him out and the chip lead.

After the tourney, I played in a heads up .50/1 limit game. I sat with 20$ against a guy with $10. I took all of his money, with about three monster hands in a row. Pocket pair hit a set. 89 offsuit hit two pair on the flop and then a full house on the river. And some other hand, which paid well, was the nuts or close to it, but for some reason is eluding my memory.

I left that table up another 10, for 20$ total. I am now at a .25/.50 limit table, but my concentration is shot, so I am taking a break. I lost about 1.50 at the .25/.50 table, but thats a drop in the bucket. Ironically, 24 hrs ago, a 1.50 loss would have severely hurt my dwindling bank roll.

One final thought: All day today, I wanted to tell people about my big tourney win. Unfortunately, there aren't that many people who care. I mean, the money isn't astounding (if I won 1million, then I'd get everyone's interest). And most people don't see online poker as a serious hobby, challenge, or pasttime. So, I'm glad I have this blog. At least it is one outlet for my verbose, bragging self.

BOOYA! Still riding the high from yesterday's win. Ah... Peace be unto you, readers.

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At 9:23 AM, Blogger D said...

Congrats!! How is Golden Palace, not many people I know play there. Gotta love free-rolls, hours of enjoyment and sometimes payoffs. Good hands earlier in most of my freerolls have been payed off well, because a opponent is more likely to call, he has nothing invested. Cashing out is always fun, isnt it.


At 10:19 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Yes. GP and Cashing out. Two of my favorite things (not in that order). Thanks for the comment. You've inspired my newest post, "How is Golden Palace?"


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