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A Little Slip and the Weekend Forecast

After my last post, I played a $5 single table tournament and came in 5th. For a good portion of the tournament, my computer was acting up (damn wireless internet), so my blinds were being chewed down. That really is not so bad, because yesterday, I lost another 10-15$ by playing too many hands...again. So, I'm better off not being there and automatically folding everything, at least for a little while. I have to be more hand selective. This will save me problems when I limp with QT, hit top pair 10s, and then come up against KT, AT, an overpair, or overcards that hit later. Hand selection is key. Unfortunately, I need a locksmith. All that said, my online bankroll is now at about 121$, which is down 3$ from my big tournament win. Not too shabby, considering the amount of sloppy, under-the-influence poker I've been playing.

This weekend is looking bleak. I've gone over 10 days since my last home game. Hopefully, Desi is holding his bi-weekly (every other week) home game this week. His email to the group, which stated that the game will be "next Tuesday" left me bewildered. Is next Tuesday the one coming up, or is it the one after that. I know it is a stupid question, but for some reason I can't get my head around it.

On Saturday night, Robbie Hole, a fellow Degenerate, is having a birthday bash/poker game at his place in Queens. I've been looking forward to it for a while. Unfortunately, that is the same night that Kim's (my fiance) family are doing dinner for her mother's birthday. I know my role. Poker will have to wait (maybe I can get there late, but that opens a whole other can of worms). Besides, I love Kim and my future mother-in-law, so this is a no-brainer. They come first.

So, my 2nd love, poker, will have to wait. Because the rest of the weekend is booked with my buddy's fiance's surprise party (tonight), and a 1st birthday party for my little cousin (Sunday). I hate obligations. Of course, if I didn't have these plans, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Actually, I do know. I'd be playing online. Go figure.

Have a great weekend everyone. Oh, and if any readers are near the NYC area and are having or attending home games that need players, I'm your man (depending on time, place and stakes). Hook it up! Likewise, any interested players in the area, let me know. I can throw a game in NYC and/or I know of other NYC area home games.

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