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Wifey Kim > Stud

I didn't play much poker last night, instead spending time with wifey Kim. After a long day at work, wifey Kim and I met up in Murray Hill, a NYC neighborhood known for the slew of Long Island rich kids whose mommy and daddy pay for thier overpriced apartments. I know, because I lived there for a few years during law school. What Murray Hill lacks in diversity, it makes up for in great restaurants and decent bars. In fact, wifey Kim and my favorite restaurant, Baby Bo's Cantina, is located a scant block away from my old apartment on 34th Street in Murray Hill.

Last night, we decided to head to Italian restaurant Bistango, which was across the street from my second Murray Hill apartment located on 29th Street. Interestingly, the actual 29th Street neighborhood is known as Curry Hill, a takeoff of Murray Hill, due to the plethora of Indian restaurants all around. It should also be no surprise that a major taxi office is located in the center of Curry Hill. Yes, the stereotypes are still true. If you get in a cab in NYC, you have roughly a 95% chance of having a foreigner driver, either from Africa, the Middle East or Asia.

Dinner was great, helped by the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc drank mostly by me. When we were looking at drinks, wifey Kim was only going to get a glass, but when I saw the price per glass ($10) compared to the price per bottle ($30) I had to go for the whole shebang. Wifey Kim protested that she was only having one drink, but I knew that I could drink two easily, so the bottle would pay for itself. For dinner, I opted to go with the Caesar Salad and Calamari Bistango, essentially sauteed calamari with tomatoes and basil in a spicy tomato sauce. They were both appetizers, but the recently shortened menu failed to excite me and I remembered that the Calamari was delicious.

When we left the restaurant, I was near stumbling. Wifey Kim had more than her one drink, but I took the lion's share of the bottle and enjoyed every second of it. If you are not a wine lover, Sauvignon Blanc is the way to go. Its usually dry and crisp, and goes down cool. Its perfect for the summer. That is not to say that I don't love wine. I do, and I love it more every day. But Sauvignon Blanc is wifey Kim and my favorite, and it comes highly recommended.

After our quick cab ride home (it was too hot to wait for a bus or subway), we settled in. We watched some random TV until wifey Kim received a phone call and left the room to chat with her friend. In the meanwhile, I looked at the computer, where slb159 IMed me about the Monkey Tourney Sec0nd Chance, which was apparently hosted by Budohorseman. It was Stud Hi, a game I had not played that often in tournament format outside of HORSE games.

I checked out the room and saw only 3 players registered. That was ridiculously low, but I suppose not too surprising since the WWdn no longer exists, and hence Wil Wheaton's drawing power was gone from the tourney. Add in the fact that all of the other blogger-based tourneys moved on to FullTilt, and the Monkey Tourney (which replaced the WWdn tournament) is obviously hurting for players. This is not a reflection of the game or organizers. Its just a reality. Still, I'm all about helping my fellow blogger, since I know from my DADI days how difficult these things can be to organize. So I signed up for the Stud tournament and got ready to play a 5-handed MTT.

After donking it up for a while, including one hand where I called expecting an 8th Card, I heard wifey Kim call me from the other room. I told the table, "BRB", but I never returned. Wifey Kim was in bed getting ready for sleep and she asked me to join her. Generally, I stay up a good one or two hours later than wifey Kim. It's part of my insomnia (or general hatred for sleep), along with my loner personality. Yet, when wifey Kim asks me to join her, its like a reminder that sleep is good and spending time with wifey Kim was even better. I thought about the tournament and contemplated sneaking out when wifey Kim was snoring, but before I knew it, I was sleeping too.

So, my apologies to Budo, slb and the other players. I didn't mean to sit out of a 5-person tournament, but I had to choose between wifey Kim and poker. It was an easy decision. Oh, and for what its worth, I bubbled. That's twice in a row now.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 3:30 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I say always take the Wife over poker...'cause if you don't you might not have the choice in the future...

Good call dude.

By the way...good chance I might be in NYC with nothing to do the night of Monday August 27th. I'm just throwing it out there in case the planets align and I do make it there and we're able to do something.

I'll email you as it gets closer to that date...


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