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Dealing with Charity

When I was at the Bash this year, I spent some time talking to Riggstad, Pennsylvania local and the man behind Riverchasers. Riggs, much like the other Pennsy native, AlCantHang, is one of those unique individuals you will meet in life. Or at least, I will meet in life. Whereas ACH is a one-man party, Riggs seems to be a one-man business, and by that, I mean that I get the impression that when Riggs sets about doing something, it gets done. And done well. So when I heard he was organizing a charity poker event in New York City with big-name poker players expected to attend, I did what any self-respecting blogger with a poker fetish would do...I begged him to get me in. And he succeeded. Hence, this Wednesday, I will attend a $5,000 buy-in poker tournament featuring big name poker players (who I will not name here until after the event) at a fancy shmancy hotel in NYC...and I'm dealing.

When Riggs mentioned he needed dealers, I offered to help. After all, this was a big ticket event, and I didn't expect to just get in on my looks alone. Dealing also offered another benefit. I'd get to interact with the players more without being a fan boy dousche looking for a way to strike up a conversation. So, with my role as dealer locked in, I went about looking for more dealers for Riggs and came upon Robbie Hole and Matty Ebs, two of my poker comrades.

Yesterday, I started thinking about the event some more and, frankly, began to scare myself. I've never dealt professionally, so I went onto Yahoo Answers to ask about usual casino shuffling protocol. I'm pretty good with a deck of cards and I've dealt at many a home game, more often than not inebriated, so I figured I could deal poker. But then I thought about the extra pressure of dealing to OH MY GOD, ISN'T THAT __________, and began to give myself stage fright. Since then, I talked myself down, largely because the event organizers told me that they were more concerned with the newbies than the pros. There would be a lot of first-time players, so I realized that aside from prompting the action, something I am an expert at due to my impatience, the real problems at the table would come from the players, not me.

Suffice it to say that at this point, I'm just excited. I can't freakin' wait, which is kinda ironic because technically after working all day as a lawyer, I'll be attending my second job tomorrow night as a poker dealer...and I hate working (I love my job, but I hate's a fine distinction). But that's poker for you. It's the only activity where I would be willing to: (1) skip meals without noticing or caring, (2) stay awake until ungodly hours of the morning, (3) participate in for 8 hours straight without hesitation, and now (4) work as a second job when I don't need the money. Fuck yeah. I love this game.

Of course, the game doesn't love me. I've been suffering some beats online. Some of them are my fault. Others are poker's fault. Most are poker's fault, actually, but I hate saying that because I can't affect poker. I can only affect how I handle things, so if 99% of one's losses is bad luck and 1% is bad play, the only thing that matters is that 1%. Of course, for me, it's slightly more than 1% of bad play, but the 1% was just an example.

Naturally, I am talking only about online poker. Live poker has been nil since Turning Stone. And that just sucks.

No poker on the horizon, but at least I get to deal tomorrow. I'm holding on to December, where I go to Vegas and AC in a matter of weeks. I need to win several thousands of dollars to reach my 2008 goal, and I don't have much hope. But, hell, yearly goals are all arbitrary anyway.

I contemplated writing a post solely about wifey Kim. Sometimes, especially lately, I feel like she gets glanced over at HoP. Truth be told, any post would be all sappy. It's weird, in a way, having a wife who you absolutely love and cherish. I know, gay. But there it is. I'm a very lucky man to have found such a wonderful woman with such low standards. I feel like a .25/.50 NLHE player who got backed into the WSOP ME. One lucky bastard.

But rather than bore you with a whole post on how much I love my wife, I'll just leave you with that last paragraph. Commence with the swooning, ladies.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 1:09 PM, Blogger pearatty said...

"It's weird, in a way, having a wife who you absolutely love and cherish. I know, gay."

Um, assuming you're a man, isn't that the exact opposite of gay?

At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck Jordan. I guess I offered my dealer services too late. Instead I will be part of the ACH experience prior to the tournament.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Wolfshead said...

Lucky you. would love to be dealing that event. No that I could right now but still would love it.


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