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Singing a Different LeTune threw a $1000 freeroll limited to four tables full of bloggers, and I was lucky enough to be one of the select few. The game started at 7pm EST, considerably earlier than I usually play, but I love free money, so after getting home and settling in, I finally fired up the computer at about 7:05 and got started amassing a massive stack.

An interesting thing happened during the game. Within no time, I had doubled up. I then continued to accumulate chips like it was nobody's business. Most of the hands saw me against an all-in player. I also had my fair share of suckouts. However, the large stack I had accumulated early allowed me to play more speculative hands and in most instances, the all-in calls were easily less than a half (and probably aside from two occassions out of 6 or so, less than 1/3) of my stack.

So, by the final table, I had been chip leader for a while. I was finally at a table with LeTune from RakeBrain, who had a $100 bounty on him. I wanted that bounty and had been jokingly complaining about LeTune being placed at other tables for the majority of the tournament. Once we were at the final table, I announced, LeTune, I've been busting players like mad trying to get at you. And, well, I did. Here is the hand.

With over 10k in chips, I was the big stack, with Mookie and LJ nipping at my heels. I was playing very LAGgy until I got to the final table, at which point I had slowed down a tad. Now, this is all from memory and the screen capture, so I apologize if I get something generally wrong. My thought-process, however, is completely accurate.

StatikKing limped and I decided to call with KQo. Or, perhaps he bet small or I bet small, because to my joy, LeTune, sitting in the CO, pushed all-in for 1860. Since this was a pot-limit game, he couldn't have pushed without Statik or I preflop raising, so this is where the hand is a tad fuzzy. Regardless, after LeTune's push, it folded around to StatikKing, who called. I knew before Statik acted that I wanted to push all-in to isolate. I figured that as the big stack, Statik would be hard pressed to call unless he limped with a monster, something I found doubtful. Even if he called, though, I might have two overs and I'd take the chance that I could bust him on a cointoss. More importantly, I didn't want Statik to take out LeTune. I'd rather double up LeTune with my bigstack (and survive with chips to spare) then flat call, check it down, and let Statik take the $100 bounty. So, I pushed, knowing full well that I was most likely not ahead. I just didn't expect to see LeTune's AA.

Well, a flopped Q and a turned Q put me ahead and won me $100. It may be a donkey play to call an AA's all-in with KQo, but that's just the end of the story. It's the build-up that is important.

Sadly, by the time we were on the bubble, all of our stacks were fairly even and I had taken a slight dip. I eventually lost on the bubble against LJ, who won the event. I think I may've been somewhat complacent, since I knew I had $100 locked up, but then again, I still don't mind my play.

In an Omaha Hi round, I held AAXX and raised preflop. LJ and one other player called. The flop was King-high with two low cards and two spades. It checked to me and I bet pot. LJ pushed all-in and when it folded to me, I took my time, actually requesting Time. I couldn't imagine why LJ would push in this scenario. The only thing I really feared was KK for a flopped top set. More likely, though, my spider sense was telling me she was on the flush draw. She had me covered and I wasn't sure if I wanted to take the chance that she would draw out on me, but I ultimately called for my last 5k or so. Why? I guess it was because I had $100 locked up and I wanted a chance to amass a stack that would help me take first. Instead, she showes her naked flush draw (she may've had top pair, too, but I was ahead when I called), turned her flush, and earned herself a stack that she used to take down the tourney.

Bubbling kinda sucked, but $100 free money made it a little better.

Thanks to RakeBrain for this promotion. Thanks to LeTune for letting me crack his Aces. Thanks for everyone else who played for making it a fun game.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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