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In Which I Babble About Geeky Stuff

It's been a great week to start, and it only looks to be getting better.

As some of you following along at home know, I had my first trial start on Monday. It settled in the eleventh hour, a result that is considered a Win (with a big 'W') for yours truly. After getting my client to sign the necessary papers, the realization hit me that my entire week (in fact, my last month, practically) was designed around this trial. With the trial out of the way, I now face a relatively light week. But there's more.

This last summer may have been the pinnacle of Comic Book Culture's recent foray into movies. It seemed like every week was another slew of comic book inspired movies, not to mention the copious previews for future comic book inspired films. As a self-identified (and semi-out-of-the-closet) comic book nerd, it was refreshing to see. In fact, a lot of the properties were not even obviously comic book related, the result of which is that they were accepted into mainstream pop culture without the usual stink of comic book films. A quick demonstration of the movies out in the summer of 2008 related to comic book culture:

Looking back, that list is actually kinda weak. I thought it'd be longer. But if you do the math, those are some of the (if not all of the) biggest box office draws this summer.

The future is bright for comic book fans too. Comic book inspired projects are popping up all over the place, the most lauded being the Watchmen. But there's more. Marvel Comics alone has the following characters getting films in the coming years: Spiderman (Tobey is signed for Spiderman 4 & 5), Captain America, Thor, Antman (done as a full blown comedy), the Avengers, Wolverine, and Magneto. Y: The Last Man is another future comic movie, based on a recently concluded comic book series in which a plague kills all of the men on the planet except one, our hero (by default) Yorick Brown, a slacker/wannabe magician. Another interesting idea is Supermax, a comic book movie about DC character Green Arrow. The great part is that these comic films are starting to focus more on interesting stories rather than the usual origin tales. Supremax takes Green Arrow, a second-rate character whose "power" is archery (think Batman with a sunnier disposition and a Robin Hood motif), who gets thrown in prison with a bunch of super villains he apprehended. Sounds a lot better than the usual Hero is Born storyline.

Of course, this is all me babbling on, largely because I am so excited by the Week of Jordan's slew of geek-culture TV shows returning. Terminator: The Sarah Marshall Chronicles continues to build upon the Terminator ethos. Heroes made its return last night and has already weaved a story so intricate, that its writing makes most other shows seem rinky dink. Add shows like Prison Break (when will they ever escape that prison!) and stupid reality shows that will be returning soon, and I'm happier than a pig in poop.

Of course, the Bash is a great source of my joy. This weekend, AlCantHang is hosting a Bash in Pennsylvania. I actually cancelled my hotel since I thought I'd be on trial. Now that it has settled, I'm going going back back to Penny Penny. The last time I was there, it was wall-to-wall party, and I expect this time will be no different.

So, what was the point of this post? Good question. To recap: Trial is done, comic book culture is sweeping the nation, AlCantHang is throwing a party, and all is good in the world.

Oh, but I haven't been playing much poker. That'll change soon, though, I am sure.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 11:56 AM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

The Sarah "Marshall" Chronicles? Sure, some dork you are Jordan!?

At 12:33 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Whoops. Thanks for catching that, Cayne. The change was made.


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