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Anything But the Poker

I see I ruffled some feathers with the last post. I still maintain that people's personal lives are their own, and infidelity should not be a roadblock to political office. But we are all entitled to our own opinions and more importantly, you aren't going to change my opinion and I'm not going to change yours, so let's just accept that this is a fucked up world filled with fucked up people with fucked up opinions and move forward.

Poker, huh? What about it? It's the same as it ever was, and it's starting to get on my nerves. I once again doubt my ability to play online poker after losing $200 playing 3/6 LO8. It didn't help that it was after a long night filled with booze.

That left me with a poker hangover that I still haven't shook (shaken?). But part of me thinks, whatever, because online poker is a fucking videogame. Some people might be great at the videogame and make oodles of cash, but it's still a goddamn videogame.

Naturally, I'm not entirely self-delusional. I recognize that online poker is just another form of poker, one that is not ideal for my impulsive self. But at times I can't help but think that I am just chasing my tail with this one.

So, if poker is annoying, let's instead focus our attention on the rest of my life. First off, I had an excellent weekend. I spent Saturday playing a round of golf. I'm pretty bad and need lessons, but I still enjoy the game. There is something about the open expanse of a golf course, with the bright greens and blues, that instantly brings me joy. I guess living in a concrete jungle can do that. Shit, I'm just as happy seeing the random monarch butterflies and red-breasted robins than I am swinging for the fences and landing about 10 yards ahead of me at the girl's tee.

I also got to try a new (to me) restaurant this weekend, when wifey Kim and I joined her upstate friend and the upstate friend's family for brunch on Sunday. Her friend, H, is an absolute sweatheart, and her fiance is a poker fan, so we get along really well. In fact, H and fiance C were two of our cohorts at the recent Antisemetic Wedding in Colorado.

We ended up at Max Brenner's, a restaurant that specializes in all things chocolate. I ordered the Lazy Breakfast, which was an omelette with two items (I chose cheddar and bacon) served with toast, and, for the toast, butter, apple preserves, melted pure chocolate and peanut butter. It was way too much food, especially since it was all delicious. I'm always prone to finishing my plate, but I had no chance at Brenner's. For any NY people who want to try something different, I recommend it. However, try to get there early, as it tends to fill up.

After that, wifey Kim and I walked around the city running errands. Later, I returned home where I killed two hours watching a random flick I DVR'ed from Starz, Next, starring Nicholas Cage (fun fact: Nicholas Cage, who is a huge comic book fan, chose his last name from the obscure, yet recently popular, Luke Cage, a black superhero with inpenetrable skin). I haven't been a fan of Cage in a long time (think Face/Off), but I felt compelled to check out the film because of its roots, a Phillip K. Dick novel (or was it a novella?). Dick is also the author of the source material of one of the best, if not the best, sci-fi movies around, Totall Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. So, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, and amazingly, I was not disappointed.

Next is actually a pretty clever film about a guy, played by Cage, who can see approximately 2 minutes into his own future. Once he sees his future, however, he can change it. So, his precognition abilities actually allow him to "try out" a bunch of scenarios before choosing the best one. By day, he works as a magician doing cheap tricks interspersed with his "mentalist" abilities, allowing him to hide his abilities in the spotlight. By night, he grinds out extra dough playing in casinos.

Long story short, the FBI want him to help find a bomb and Jessica Biel gets involved somehow as a love interest, but the clever storytelling and heady concept actually works. I think the movie bombed in the theaters, but I'm still advising you guys to check it out (chicks can pass, naturally). So, that's two random-ass guy flicks in two weeks that I am pimping here on HoP. Maybe I should change the site to HighOnFilm, although the term "Film" is a bit too high brow for this fare.

Just out of curiosity, if anyone else would like to recommend a good guy film, please feel free. The joys of Netflix allow me to see just about anything out there, and I'm always interested in recommendations.

This week is packed to the gills with little poker. Tuesday night, my mother and grandfather are coming into the city for dinner. Wednesday night, I'm meeting some high school friends for drinks. Thursday, I have a comedy show to attend, with Matty Ebs on the stage. Friday, I pack for California, and on Saturday, I am on vacation. Oh, sweet, sweet Saturday. I anticipate thee already.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 12:07 PM, Blogger GrayCalx said...

Jordan, maybe not a "guy" flick, persay but if you get a chance check out "Primer". It's a movie about power, control and time travel. But done in a very minimal Sci-Fi way. Its not an easy film to digest but I think someone of your writing caliber will appreciate it. Its a movie that when you finish it for the first time you think, "That was awesome! I have no idea what just happened, I need to watch it again."

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Booby Stealz said...

watch old boy...its a f'd up korean movie, but its pretty awesome. btw u dont mind subtitles right?

At 3:10 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

I too have been experiencing the joys of excessive movie viewing given the existence of Netflix. (My roommate has the 3-flicks-at-a-time deal, and I can't seem able to watch & return 'em fast enough.) I understand the desire to get to the possibly lesser known movies worth viewing. (Thanks for the 'next' recommendation, I'll give that a try.)

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

I've already added Oldboy and Primer to my Netflix. Primer is even available via Netflix over the Internet, so I don't even have to wait for the disc. Thanks guys. Any other suggestions are more than welcome.


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