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The New Boom

I was checking the blog of good buddy Schaubs when I stumbled across a poll he inserted in his sidebar. Schaubs asked whether writing "BOOM" in an online poker room chatbox is stupid or funny (paraphrased). It got me thinking about a conversation I had online two nights ago with GCox (or was it Woffles or Kaellin?). I'm pretty sure it was G, since I probably dropped the line during our HORSE SNG. Whatever the case, the line was simple: "CHOO CHOO!"

CHOO CHOO, bitches! It's my new BOOM! For those not following, BOOM became a common refrain in poker blogger tournaments whenever a player got lucky. At least that's how I think it is used. Whatever the case, the flurry of "BOOM"s in the chat box was at least the kindling for the bad manner brush fire that swept through the poker blogosphere about a month ago. Some people thought that the smack talk had gone from fun to obnoxious and rude. Hence, BOOM, a seemingly innocuous, if not idiotic, term became symbolic of unsportsman-like chat.

BOOM is really harmless, but it's taken on a bigger meaning (which, mind you, seems to have cooled off, as these things generally do). So, it's time to put BOOM back in its boombox and bust out a new obnoxious phrase to spread amongst the masses.

CHOO CHOO! It's got everything you want in a catch phrase. It's fun to say, particularly if you take on a train-whistle lilt to your voice. It's fun to type, what with the repetition and all. It's even fun to look at. With BOOM, you get two O's, but with CHOO CHOO, you get 4! FOUR!

Plus, it has a slightly relevant meaning. CHOO CHOO means the whoop ass train is coming. Last stop, First Place Station, with stops at Donkey Plaza, Suckout Junction, and Double Ups Ville. If you are playing O8, you can even make stops at Upper Pot-chop and Lower Pot-chop.

And, unlike BOOM, CHOO CHOO has an extra touch of absurdity. I mean, after all, BOOM is the sound of disaster and explosion. CHOO CHOO is the sound of childhood toys and cheesy stop-motion animation.

Look, people, when Einstein stuck lead in a piece of wood and called it a pencil, they called him crazy too. And don't forget a little, yet awesome, phrase that spread, herps-like, from my very abode to all over this fine nation. LEMON! Lemon, indeed.

Now, I don't play blogger tournaments often enough to really get CHOO CHOO! going, but I expect an influx of cash, so I might be back, beeches. But when I do return, be careful. Cause next stop is Ass Whooping Terminal.

Got another BOOM substitute? Feel free to share.

Until next time, make mine CHOO CHOO!

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At 7:11 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Nice! I'll try breaking it out in Kat's donkarama in a couple hours!

At 2:45 AM, Blogger KrazyBangs said...

maybe I am drunk, maybe I am delerious, maybe both...but this made my day!

At 10:50 AM, Blogger 23skidoo said...


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Joe (aka Unimpressed) said...

I haven't sworn off poker. Mostly online. I'm playing iwth my occasional 20 rakeback/affiliate cash. That's about it.

I still have the love of the live version of the game, but definitely need to improve my thinking otherwise it's just throwing good money out the window.

At 12:55 PM, Blogger NewinNov said...

Oh how I hate the "BOOM" and just ignore it. But I could partially get on board with CHOO CHOO. Who am I kidding, it's just barely better than CHOO CHOO.

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Thanks for the pimp. So far we have 21 votes. I'd like to see that hit 100 to get a decent sample size, but 50 might just have to do. I've openned the poll up for another week.

One of my favorites lately is just the simple "You Suck!"

We used to scream that out back in the day to someone who would F it up big time.

It has to be said sarcastically in order for the full effect to set in so I am not sure if would apply to Poker so well...

Anyway, CHOO CHOO gotta go.


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