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Random Legal-Poker Thought

If online poker was legalized in the United States, cheaters could be prosecuted under federal or state law and could serve jail time for multi-accounting, colluding and other forms of online cheating.

I wonder how that would change online poker. Right now, if you are caught cheating, the worst case scenario is that your name gets posted all over 2+2, you get banned from that poker site (and perhaps one more), and possibly you get banned from live tournaments sponsored by online sites. In other words, you merely have to go to a different online poker site, open up a new account with the old site, and choose your live tournaments a bit more carefully. Compare that with prison see where this is going.

posted by Jordan @ 11:50 AM,


At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 'punishment' of having all the funds in the cheater's account seized by the site.


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