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1001 Ways to Destroy Productivity

WOW! This marks my 1001st post, folks, including a few posts that never made it to air. So, to celebrate, I'll offer you another random string of words that border on being semi-intelligible. My only apology is the fact that I peaked creatively at post 83. Only the best for my readers!

Let's start off with some fun ole analysis of why online poker just gets my goat.

Fuck online poker! Not in a mean way. No. I mean Fuck It in an indifferent way. Yes, this is coming from the guy who won a large tournament a few months ago, and a guy who spends way too much time playing online, as it were. But damn it, its just such a time suck.

I've read the recent exploits of Woffles and his foray back into bankroll building. I understand the struggle, not to mention the pull to want to just go for broke. In fact, that's been my strategy since my big win and withdrawal. I left some money online (less than $400), and then proceeded to (a) play above that roll and (b) spread it around three sites, now 4 thanks to my new rakeback deal at Absolute. In the end, I was left with depleted bankrolls all around, but I didn't care. After all, as I have lamented here many times before, online poker is just not the bee's knees to me. Its a diversion at best, a bad habit at worst, but not nearly the great pass time live poker is. That is not to put down online poker aficionados. I believe wholeheartedly that there are people out there who would be better suited for online poker than live poker, as well as people who can do both. But for me, the lack of human interaction in online poker has left me with the feeling that it is little more than a videogame. For that reason, I've withdrew most of my roll for live action, and then continued playing at my "higher" stakes, which are really $100 NLHE or 4/8 mixed games, for the most part.

This is all a response to yesterday. I played and lost $40 in .25/.50 NL on Absolute (bad cards, bad play, good times), and lost the Monkey Tourney ($11) after picking up am $10 last longer bet from Astin. When it was all done, I just felt bored. It really just felt like one of the pointless videogames that used to waste my time. Eh, it's probably just a phase (a VERY temporary phase, since I expect to play the Mookie tonight), but it still sticks in my craw.

What's the cure for online poker blues? More cowbell! And live poker. Mostly, live poker.

Speaking of live poker, guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Live poker, beeches, at none other than my favorite biweekly homegame, the Wall Street Poker Club. I would be there tonight for their two tournaments, but sadly, I was too slow with the RSVP. Fortunately, I was quick enough to jump onto the Thursday HOSE cashgame. I don't blame Jamie for limiting it to HOSE. No one wants to play Razz against Jordan the Razzmaster Razzski.

And whlie we are on the subject of Wall Street Poker, I recently took a look at the leaderboard for the current 3-month season. For those not in the know, a little background: Jamie, the host, collects $2 from every tournament buy-in and places it in a seasonal prize pool. Each season lasts 3 months. At the end of the season, the player with the best record wins half the prize pool. The next six or so players are invited to a winner-takes-all tournament for the rest of the prizepool. I have had some good runs at Wall Street, generally moneying in at least one out of the two nightly tournaments. Still, I had some bad nights too, mostly during cash games.

Whatever the case, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this season's stats and saw me at the top of the list. BOOYA! I'm not quite sure when the season ends, but I'm almost positive that it is done by the end of the month. If that's the case, I need to worry about Stephen, Scott and Brian, but amazingly...none of those players are in tonight's tournament. PRAISE THE LORD! I'm still trying to figure out if I'm better off playing future games or avoiding them. In the end, I think I'll have to play them, since I have the bare minimum of tournaments played to qualify and I think the amount to qualify will go up if there are more games. SHIT! Come to think of it, after tonight, I may no longer qualify. Say it with me now...LEMON!

Speaking of lemons, guess where I'll be in a few weeks? Sipping lemonade in AC! Okay, admittedly that seque sucked.

The plan is to head down October 12th weekend with Davey Roose to get some ole skool wifeless poker action. A few months later, I'll be in Vegas for the WPBT event (more likely than not) and then back in AC for A Very Jewish X-Mas. Wish me luck all around.

That's it for today. Let's hope that the season is over already for Wall Street. If not, I'll stop by there tonight with the hopes of a no-show. I shall remain VICTORIOUS!

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 4:45 PM, Blogger madbrooklyn said...

The Wall Street season is based on yearly quarters so September 30th is the end of this season.

I'm disappointed there is no Razz tomorrow night. That's why I won't be there. (Well, one of the reasons.) Maybe they'll add it back for the next mixed game night.

Good luck with holding on to your #1 position!


At 5:03 PM, Blogger BWoP said...

I am all for the Razz. I think if we get enough votes, we might be able to get the Razz.

At 5:28 PM, Blogger jamyhawk said...

Funny the timing of this post. I was thinking of putting together a post about the time spent playing online poker (and I still plan to). Great analogy to video game playing.

I used to mainly watch movies or read books during the time that I now play poker. I would also tackle an occasional house project if it wasn't too noisy (my wife and kids are usually asleep while I play).

But, since I really enjoy playing poker live, it is great to get some of my "fix" for poker on a more regular basis. I just wonder at what point is it just a waste of time.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Klopzi said...

Online poker apathy's a real bitch. I know...I go through the same love/hate feelings towards online poker every few months.

And now, though it goes against every I stand for, I'd like to humbly ask for a link exchange. Actually, you're already linked up on my site, so I guess I'm just begging for a link on your site...

At 11:21 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

Don't sell yourself short, J. You definitely peaked closer to the 94th post.


In all seriousness, congrats. That's probably 2 times as many posts as me and I've been at this thing quite a while (in blog years that is, which are like dog years).


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