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I've started and abandoned about three posts this week, leaving me wondering exactly where I went wrong. It all comes down to stasis. I went out last night for wifey Kim's friend's engagement. We met up with a bunch of people at a random lounge in Chinatown (although on a map its technically the Lower East Side, but if 9 out of 10 signs are in are IN Chinatown...unless you are in China, in which case you are in a Chinese town, but lets not get into semantics).

A couple of people we hadn't seen in months asked how things are going. The best I could muster was that things were moving along. Everything is calm between wifey Kim and I (she's as great and as fine as ever), work is going well, and poker has been steady since my 3k win. Of course, most of these people don't much care about how my poker is doing, but since that is the lion's share of my free time and always in the front of my mind, when I went through the "what's going on" checklist, poker always appears near the top.

But Nothing going on is better than most times when Something is going on. I guess I got that going for me. For instance, Something is going on this weekend, and its going to make my weekend less than optimal. Tonight, I have to head to LI straight from work to join wifey Kim at her friend's wedding rehearsal dinner. The next day, wifey Kim is going to be doing all sorts of things with her friends preparing for the big day, whereas I will hopefully be check-raising douschebags at the LI underground poker room that Roose tipped me off to. Roose and Hole aren't working tomorrow, but I'll still have company since Matty Ebs is down for some poker. It's the $20 rebuy tournament that I lost $140 at a couple of weeks ago, but I'm confident that my skill surpasses most of the field. I'm already licking my chops.

Saturday night is the wedding and Sunday is me trying to politely extricate myself from wifey Kim's plan to spend quality time with various of her friends in from out of town. If I am able to escape, the plan will be to return to the city and hopefully get into the 4pm Brit Bloggament, which I was recently invited to from Wolverine Fan. Snikkity Snikt! That reminds me. I now have $22 over at PokerStars, so I can actually play there again. Noice!

Meanwhile, I have a new Which is True which I have opted to save for Monday, lest it get mired in the wordy garbage of this post. I also plan on seeing 23Skidoo make his NY re-appearance on Wednesday, where we'll find some booze to drink or donkeys to raise. All this and I'm still recovering from Okie Vegas.

Hell, maybe Something is going on. Who woulda thunk?

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 9:56 PM, Blogger Wolverine Fan said...

Thanks for pimping the Brittbloggerment. Hope to see you there.

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yep,cheers for the pimpage.You know you didn't need an invite from Wolverine though.US dead money is always welcome :-))))

ps is it just me or do you look like Waffles twin in those Okie pics? ;-)


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