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Apparently, talk of the various Challenges has gotten some peoples' poker juices flowing. Personally, out of them all, there is one that stands out to me and has piqued my interest for another round. That would be the 45-SNG Challenge. The 45-SNG Challenge involves a set amount of players playing fifteen 45-person SNGs (on Pokerstars). Players win points based on their placement in the tournaments, with the points weighted, so that 1st place gets 10 and 7th gets 1. At the end of the 15 tournaments or when the time runs out (generally four weeks), the highest scorers get the dough. Buy-in is usually $25. The benefit of the 45SNGC is that you can play whenever, and I prefer those multi-table long-form tournaments. Also, we each have a set number of entries, and while I won't go into it here just yet, let me assure you that we have a system to work it all out. Drewspop was the commissioner of the 2nd 45-SNGC, but I'd be glad to take up the mantle again. Shortcomings include the fact that those tourneys can take some time, and we'd have to stick with PokerStars.

If its not the 45SNGC, I think the next best option is the HU Challenge. In fact, I think this is a damn close choice, since the HU Challenge is easy to coordinate. The mantle was taken up last time by commissioner Veneno for the HUC2, but I'd be glad to act as host (or co-host for HUC3). One thought has the players across the pond (led and/or organized, perhaps, by Little Acorn Man) having their own bracket, versus a US/Canada bracket. The winner of the North American and the ROW (Rest of the World) brackets would face off. I even have a cute name, HUC3: An International Affair.

Limit Challenges and SNG Challenges are very different animals. It's based on time and the players are allowed to play as much (or as little) as they like within a given period. Both are entirely based on an honor system, so I'd be wary about running them unless the group was small and trustworthy. Of course, I'll gladly do a Limit Challenge heads-up with anyone, if interested. I'm playing Limit primarily anyway.

Now, what is my real concern. Well, #1, DADI X has got to be first on my list of priorities. I take a lot of pride in our monthly tournaments and this is the 10th such event. With the proliferation of blogger events (without links, sorry guys, and listed by day of the week, Mondays at the Hoy, WWdn, Mookie, CC's new tournament, WWdn Not The, donk2shark, WPBT, and the Big Game), its important that I do everything I can to make DADI X stand out. Truth be told, ten might be a damn fine time to retire the DADI events. I haven't spoken with my cohorts about this directly, but they take a decent amount of work to get started and even more anticipation. There is always that feeling that not enough people will show up, and the need for these events (remember, they started when WPBT was on hiatus and the only weekly blogger tournament was the WWdn) has dwindled. Something to think about.

So, here is what I've come up with from all of this. HUC3 looks like the way to go. I'm looking for all comers. Exact rules are not set yet, but it will be like the HUC1 and HUC2 (which had slightly different rules between the two, but overall were the same). The buy-in (i.e., sidebet prize pool) is $25, plus the individual costs of the HU games. Players will be encouraged to play on Full Tilt, but we can accomodate for Stars potentially. Anyone interested should leave a comment. I will choose a nice round number based on responses. I'll also contact Acorn to see if dem foreigners want a piece of the USA (and USA North).

Until next time, make mine DADI poker!

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At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

would be interested in HUC let me know

At 7:12 PM, Blogger katitude said...

sure, I'll bite.

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Ingoal said...

I may be up for it, mostly depending on two things:

1. Schedule (with the new "job" thing etc, playing at 3am or similar is going to be next to impossible)

2. Format (HUC2 was great and all, but the "single-elimination" first-round just didn't appeal to me all that match and you're (possibly) out and there's nothing much you can do about (depending on the cards)... - I'm not a sore loser, but I would love to see a best of three match...not that it'll exclude having a good run/bad run, or getting sucked out on or anything, but it'll give you an extra chance to really play your best game)

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the 45 SNG Challenge. Let me know how to proceed.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Okay, here are some cursory rules for HUC3. The first round will be at least best of 3, if not 5 or 7. Each match-up can arrange their own time to play, but once arranged, we'll have a central place (HUC blog) to post, so people can railbird. I'd like to hit 32 people, but let's get 16 first and we'll see from there. First come first serve. We can extend to 24 and have a 3-way round robin at the end if necessary. Buy-in will be $25, to be paid in advance via Stars or FT. Games played can be at any stake decided between the competitors, but the default is $5.50. It must be NLHE. The site can be chosen by the competitors, but FT will be the default.

I think that's it, mostly. It'll be brackets and probably top 3 pay. With 16 competitors, that's be a $400 prize pool, so $200 to 1st, $125 and $75 to 2nd and 3rd. Plus, you'll be winning money along the way. If you are definitely interested, send me an email at highonpokr AT yahoo DOT commando, and give me your Screenname on FT, yahoo IM name (if you have it), and email.


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