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I really considered not posting today. Really. But then my baser instincts got a hold of me. I'm so used to posting, it just felt unnatural taking a Friday off. So, here I am.

It's a funny thing. I pride myself on posting daily (and at times, twice daily). Sometimes, as a result, I'm sure I put out less than the best possible product, but thems the breaks in the world of blogs. So, today, prepare yourself for a random assortment of useless commentary by yours truly.

Where to start? Okay, let's start with some promotion. On June 2 and 3, you can see an MTV (or MTV2) special on the new Daniel Degreaneu game, Stacked. Rumor has it, someone has been contacting random bloggers with an offer of a freebie game and merchandise. It's a smart way to go about getting publicity. Hell, it got me talking about the game. I'm not sure how I feel about poker videogames. I mean, why play poker on your X-Box when you can play online for real cash! I haven't gotten Stacked yet, and if I do, I'll give it a fair go, though. I will probably also offer it up to the next DADI winner. Whatever the case may be, I'm sure that there is a market for this game somewhere.

Let's just hope that the AI is better than the WPT's cell phone game. I mean, players re-raising preflop with 29o and then raising the entire way without even a pair!! That isn't poker, that's roullete! I can't believe I wasted my $7.95 on that crap! And it's limit. Yuck!

In other freebie news, I received a book in the mail at the end of last week. The book has probably one of the worst poker titles ever, Take Me to the River. It reminds me of that Sopranos episiode, when Tony was obsessing over killing Big Pussy (watch my hits skyrocket!). All that said, the book, written by Peter Alston, co-author of the Stuey Ungar bio (a personal favorite of mine) is TOP NOTCH!!! I mean, I get annoyed when I get to my subway exit because I still want to read more.

It's basically the story of Alston's trip to the WSOP in 2005, complete with a little bit of his backstory, some forays into preliminary events, and a look at what happens behind the scenes (amongst the players, moreso than the WSOP staff). He also offers some very intriguing insight into some pros, such as the passage when he discusses a certain Magician's paranoia at a club that people will notice that he is on brownies, not of the Duncan Hines variety.

Frankly, it reads like a well done trip report, and I think it is preferable to the usual strategy books that float around. In fact, it's MUCH better than Positively Fifth Street because Alston writes in a very light manner and doesn't get bogged down in other stuff like McManus and his trial coverage in Fifth Street. So, seal of approval!!

I should probably mention that when I got the copy of the book, I didn't expect much at all. In fact, I figured that anyone who sent ME a book would obviously be very desperate. You and I both know that I am no authority on poker, but I guess to some publicist trying to check out each site quickly, I may look a bit more legit than I'd imagine. Well, fine with me, boys! Keep 'em coming. I won't promise to fawn over your merchandise, but I will give an honest opinion.

Onto other stuff. I placed 5th in a 45 person SNG last night. Thank god, too. That kept me in the black for the 5th day in a row. Of course, I was only in the black by about $7. I considered jumping into the WWdn NOT at that time, only to discover that it was already in full swing. In case you didn't know, the WWdn NOT has been moved from Thurs, 11:30pm EST to 10:30. DAMNIT! After my final table at the Mookie, I was really looking forward to it.

Well, at least I was able to sign off with a win for the night.

AC in less than a week. Wifey Kim and I will arrive Thursday afternoon. This trip is more about the wife than the mistress poker, so I plan on keeping it very light for the first 24hrs. Hopefully, we'll arrive, check in to the Showboat (free room, as per usual), and hit the beach. Wifey Kim loves to tan! Hopefully, we'll have a nice dinner out, maybe have some drinks, and play some -EV table games, like craps and roulette.

Day 2, i.e. Friday, will probably be more of the same during the day. I want to walk the Boardwalk to take some photos of the Casinos and poker rooms for two side projects I'm working on. One is a loooooooooooooong shot, but one that I think would be highly profitable and in demand. The second is a double-dutch secret, but hopefully one that will come together within the next month. Man, I wish I could spill the beans. But, no can do. Sorry, folks.

For Friday, we are staying at the Tropicana. Not only do they have a great hotel and poker room, but they also have a great poker room rate ($112 for Friday night). It requires me to play 4 hours of poker, so I HAVE TO play. Thank god, too, because I won't feel bad about leaving wifey Kim upstairs to play some midnight poker. Tropicana was the location of the perfect table last time I played, so I'm feeling really good.

If all works out, I may even meet up with Poker Twitch. He's been MIA for a while, but hit me up on the girlie IM chat thingee last night. I'd love to meet up with a fellow blogger, but it might be touch and go, since the wife takes priority.

Things like this, though, make me wonder why we don't have an East Coast bloggers weekend in AC. Unlike Vegas, its damn hard to get a room to throw a private tournament. However, it might be more fun to swarm a public tournament with all of our hammer-dropping goodness.

I think that's about all you'll get out of me today. Be good.

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At 3:40 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I would so be in to an AC blogger hangout, Jordan. Let me know where and when, and I'm there.

Also, I look forward to another trip post from you when you go to AC. I've always enjoyed your poker trip recaps because you have an excellent way of getting right down into the story, in a way that only someone who has been on countless gambling trips can fully understand.

I'll get the VPP thing done this weekend for sure, man. And congrats on your winning streak.

At 11:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know how difficult it is for you to get to ac during the week (MOn-thurs) but Borgata has great smaller tournies decent structura and I'm looking for an entourage of players to partner with...also willing to do it on weekend tournies they're just higher stakes and probably higher variance, three responses in one day, Im becoming a junkie to ur blog but I'm very impressed

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Hey, Matty Ebs!! It is rather difficult, but if we arrange it in advance, I can probably work it out. I'd love to role in with an entourage.

What stakes do they have for the weekday tournaments?

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Borgata's having a promotion now Mon - Thurs tournies start at 11, signup starts at 9 50+10 buyin with a $50 addon after 3 levels, final table gets entered into $10,000 freeroll which is above and beyond payout which is usually top 9, field typicaly consists between 70 and 120 players.

During and after they have the typical games running 1-2 nl 2-4/3-6 limit and 2-5 nl

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

NICE!!! That's ideal, Matt. We gotta work something out. Maybe a Sunday night trip, so we can play the Monday but get back for work on Tuesday. I can get us a free room at Harrahs or Showboat, probably. I just need to work it out at the office. Between this blog and my usual crew, we can probably even swarm one of the tournaments. Might be interesting. Of course, that's a whole other topic. I'm also down for rolling in with a tighter crew. We'll do it SWAT style: stroll in, sweep the place, clean up and get the fuck out.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger C.L. Russo said...

I'm definitely interested in an AC blogger-type event, but probably not able to do it until Sept.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I love Jordan's description of the SWAT team. That's us, sweeping the place clean and clearing the F outta there. I like it.


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