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Thanks a Million

I sent out my plea for help yesterday, and received a bevy of advice from a slew of bloggers. Thanks to Fluxer, Simon from 9-2 Offsuit, Ten Mile, the Rank Amatuer, and anyone else I may have overlooked. The eventual help actually came from Fluxer, and he did a nice job of circumventing the issue by using a pop-up comments box with wavy word. For his troubles, I've tossed him some funds which the IRS will never find out about, even if they shock my nuts with a car battery (they've tried it before). Muchos gracias, Fluxer.

Also, a big thanks to Simon from 9-2 Offsuit, who offered to webhost this humble AWESOME site. I may take him up on his offer in the future and toss some well earned dollars and cents his way. I suggest that if you are looking to update your blog design and/or clean some things up, you contact the man himself. I've checked out his sites (he has a site that, can ya believe it, isn't a poker blog), and he clearly knows what he is doing.

In poker news, I finished my PSO Pokershare promo yesterday by losing $30 while trying to earn 3 pts to finish the 500 pt requirement. Doh! Overall, though, I won about $220 from Share, and I plan to leave some dough in there for the future.

I also played in an SNG with TripJax and GCox, going out in 5th, while my two compadres were still in it. I guess pushing with 27o into TT is not the smartest move, but noone ever accused me of being smart...except for that one time, but I made him pay good!

I have to admit some wife tilt. We were playing at UB, home of the slowest SNGs around, seemingly (and by slow, I mean blinds and/or length of game, and not software issues). We were well into the tourney with still 5 players, and wifey Kim, still recovering from some nefarious illness, wanted to lie in bed. At that point, I got a case of the awfukkits, and the hammer was the perfect time to just push and hope for the best. Highlight of the game was taking down a hand earlier with the hammer against Trip, only to have him take down the next hand against me with the hammer. Of course, I talked some aweful smack at the table. When we sit at a table together, there is no collusion, but there is often some play acting. This time, it was me playing the role of pissed-off self-proclaimed pro who insults Trip, the hapless player, for calling an all-in from another player with Trip's AQ v. 77 and flopping an Ace. Of course, my response is, "I hate playing with these lucky donkeys. SUCKOUT!"

Why do I do this? I don't know. It just makes the game more fun, I guess.

Onto other things. Friday is the home game at casa del SoxLover, and I couldn't be more excited. Monday is DAH DAH DAH DADI 6: Pot Limit Hold'em. It's going to be a certifiable good time, with some extras thrown in by Vegas Poker Pro. If you win the tournament, you get 1000 VPP points. If you bubble, you get 500 VPP points. If you knock out VPP Mark, you get 500 VPP points. And all of it is good to be used for poker merchandise or a variety of gift certificates.

Last thing. I expect to get a $200 gift certificate to Nevada, a site that sells chips and other poker-related items. Frankly, I have chips, and there is nothing that I need from their site. I don't know if the gift certificate is transferable or not, but regardless, I'm looking to get rid of it. So, if you want to offer some cold hard cash for it, or perhaps a bartered item, maybe we can work something out. If it is non-transferable, then I'll make the purchase for you and have it shipped directly to your address.

That's it for today! See you all around the bend!

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At 2:06 PM, Blogger L'artiste said...

You should check the website first before you give away that GC. The Nevada Jack chips are SWEET! They're the closest thing to Casino chips you can find out there. I'm sure you'd enjoy them.

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

True enough, but I already have a 500 chips set, and I don't have a need for 300 more chips. So, I figured that if someone needed chips, I'd swap the gift cert at a discount. Looks like there is little interest, though, so maybe I'll e-bay it or buy something random.


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