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You Put Your Wheaton In There

I had plans last night. Big plans. I was finally returning to the underground NYC poker scene for a new club that just openned. The email advertised a $50 no fee tournament, and since my live bankroll is meager, I was all over it.

Upon my arrival at the Straddle Club, I was fairly impressed. The location is easy to get to. The room is nicely furnished with flat screen tvs, couches, and about five or six tables. Three tables were going. Closest to the door were the 500-max 1/2 NL games. There were two. In the back was the No-max 5/10 NL game.

To play in the 1/2 NL games in NY, you need a massive bankroll to match your massive cajones. It's not that the players are particularly good. I kept calling their weak plays and hands. Rather, its just that the players are highly bankrolled or just don't give a shit about their money, your pick. Common preflop raises of 25$ and such, at 1/2! It happens, but it ain't right. But remember. These players are willing to find out about an illegal establishment, travel there, and play with strangers in an unregulated environment that could be raided by the police at any moment. In other words, of course you are going to have action junkies showing up. That's the majority personality type that is willing to go through all of that crap for poker.

But I wasn't there for the cash games. I know my role. I'm there for the tournament. Roose was with me too. Otherwise, though, it didn't look good. All in all, they never had more than 7 players willing to play the tournament. The club didn't seem particularly eager to start either. Why should they? In a land of $10/hr fees with three active tables, our no fee tournament was a drain of resources. Fuckers. I still am pissed though. After all, they advertise and then don't pull through. It was like being a second-class citizen.

Who am I kidding? I might go back tonight.

After that sad occassion, I headed home, hoping to score points with wifey Kim. "See honey! I didn't play so that I could see you!" Of course, the WWdn was about to start at 8:30pm, so I decided to go with another strategy: "Since I couldn't play live, I'm going to play in the Wil Wheaton tourney." As I occassionally do, I made the rounds online to see if I could convince any of my blogger bretheren to join. Mowenumdown gave the thumbs up, as did Prez Lee, who joined the tourney late (gotta love that PokerStars).

I'll give you the cliff notes version. I was chattier than usual. I came to realize that playing in the Wheaton (or any blogger) tournaments is the closest thing I can get to a live game online. The reason is simple. Generally, online, when you play in a tournament, people ignore what you type in the chat box, or will only rarely interact. This interaction is a vital part of my game. First, it helps me stay interested in the game at hand and helps me concentrate, ironically enough. Second, I use chat to feel out players in different ways. When I'm live, I'm always talking and getting reactions.

My smack talk got the better of me at one point, though. With Mookie on my immediate right and me giving more action then a sorority girl on queludes, I decided to call his SB raise with my measely 9To. The flop was J9x, and Mookie bet out big. I decided to put his to the test and pushed all-in. If I lose, I'm down to 300 or so. He calls...with KK. But I rivered him for a suckout, and sent him to the rail. Sorry Mookie.

After that, my play continued to be loose, but slightly more smart. I stayed in the top 5 for most of the tournament, but got a player to go all-in with AK v. my QQ preflop when we were down to 14 players. I had him covered, which was why I was willing to gamble it up. He hit his Ace, and I was down to 4k, in 12th out of 14. But, as I do, I scrambled my way back up, and eventually went out in 7th out of 63 players, for a cash in the WWdn. I love that tourney. Prez Lee must love it too. He took down 1st.

Thereafter, I decided to play a single table SNG on Full Tilt. I donked off most of my chips early, to a bluff I wouldn't let go of. With 300 left, and no one out, I scrambled, and eventually lasted until I placed in 2nd. I'm dangerous on a short-stack.

A good night of poker. Tonight, wifey Kim is watching a show with a friend, so I plan on playing live. I also suggest you check out Mookie's Wednesday tourney if you are looking for some blogger tourney goodness. I won't be there though. But soon. Very soon.

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At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the final table finish last night. Thanks for pimpin' tonight's tourney. Also are you guys on Yahoo or AIM chat ?

At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm on both, but for the most part, I use Yahoo IM when I play poker. Look for me under HighOnPokr (leave off the last E for +EV).

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, you were a beast in that tourney, I had to result to sucking out every other hand to get chips. No doubt we would've went 1-2 if the Q's had held up, but such is poker. Well played and glad we both made it to the final table. If I'm around I'll try to play in Mookies tourney. Take care.

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where is the straddle club?


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