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In the Hole

The Hole homegame last night was a success. First off, it was a great time, without a doubt. It turns out that Randy Hole spent some time reading this humble blog yesterday for the first time that I'm aware of. I'm counting my blessing that I didn't talk smack about him in the last post. Of course, I wouldn't talk smack about Randy, but the point is, a very extroverted forum like this could be problematic if the wrong people read up. Even so, I'll do my best to give you unedited content, because that's what I do.

I ended up bubbling out of the first of three tourneys at Casa del Hole. It was a 6-handed game, and some time in the first orbit, we had four people all in on the same hand. Hold your breath, because you are going to be shocked when you see what hands they held. Pete: QQ; G-lan: KJ (I think); Randy: KT; Rob: AT. Yep. All-in in a tournament in the first orbit with those hands. A rivered Ace put Rob as the monster chip leader, and I just scrambled to stay alive as long as possible. Hole took down the tourney, Roose took 2nd.

In the second tourney, I played a lot smarter, and chipped up slowly. It got down to Robbie Hole and I, heads up, and he had the chiplead. Wifey Kim had called me on my cell during a particularly important heads up hand. It went like this.

I look down to J7o. Robbie Hole was the dealer, heads up. He limps, I check. The flop is AA8. I check, he tentatively checks. Meanwhile, my phone is vibrating, but I ignore it. Rather than leaving a message, wifey Kim decided to call back right away. Well, I'm in the middle of a hand which will take all of 2 minutes, so I figure I will call her back in a second. But she calls a third time. Now my mind is racing. It must be an emergency. Meanwhile, the turn comes off as a Jack. I bet 500 (blinds were 100/200 or 200/400). He re-raises to 2,000. Now I'm thinking, what the hell does he have. My cell rings (this is that third call) and I say, "I'm all in" as I pick up the phone. Wifey Kim is in a tizzy. I can hear a panic in her voice, but meanwhile I'm counting out my chips. I can't deal with this, so I say, "Someone count my chips" while I walk into the nearby hallway.

"What is it honey?" "I can't get the TV to work. It's stuck on mute and I want to watch Lost." THIS IS THE EMERGENCY! I have to admit, I got a bit short. It was mostly frustration. Basically, to fix the problem, you need to hold down to keys on the remote until a light lights up, power off the cable box, which takes some doing when you are simultaneously recording, restart the box, and record ASAP so you don't miss too much. Wifey Kim wasn't getting it, and meanwhile, the most important hand of the game was occurring. I finally worked it out with her, and when I returned to the table, I looked down to a pile of chips. Hole had Q8, and called me. I was the huge chipleader, and went on to win it.

In the third tourney, I went out in the middle, mostly because of high blinds and ignoring the old adage: Don't bluff a calling station.

In one last interesting hand, check this out. It was three players in the hand, Roose, Hole and I. I had KJ. Roose went all-in for his remaining 250 or so, and Hole and I called, because we had him well covered. The flop is 887. We both check. The turn is a 7, for 2-pair on the board. Hole raises large and I fold. Folks, he had 63. SIX THREE!!! WHY GOD WHY! He knew that Dave wasn't pushing with 5-high and it was the only hand he could beat. Why push me out and let a dangerous player like Roose stay in the game. The only reason would be in the hopes that the river is an Ace or 8 or 7 and no one could beat the board, so he'd only have to split the pot 2-ways. Whatever! That play still baffles me. But it did give me an opportunity to discuss strategy with Randy. That's probably the best part of the game. It's okay to discuss hands and strategy, and in a way, we are all helping each other improve.

That's pretty much it for my evening. I won $15 total, but it's better than losing.

Tonight is the HUC3 Round 1 matches on Full Tilt. If you feel like a good time, check out the HUC3 blog for information on "private" tournaments set up at Full Tilt at the same time, in conjunction with the HUC3. Buy-in is just $5 or so, but I'm sure HUC competitors tilting fresh off their loss (to me) will be heading there.

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At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Last Night's LOST episode

Saw your request... Sort of. You explained what happened with your DVR, but you didn't tell me what you wanted me to do...

Do you want a transcription of the breakfast conversation, or do you want a link to download the episode?

Leave a message on the thread on my site... I'd be happy to help.

At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan,

Congrats on beating me tonight. It wasn't nearly my best as you know. I didn't even get to taunt you properly. And I missed out on your great laugh after you took me out. I mean what good is that? We must do another soon. And this time do it right.

Thanks for all of your support while organizing the HUC. I have a new appreciation for all the work you do in putting these type of events together.

Let me know what my new blog title will be...



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