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Booted from the HUC3

No surprise here. As predicted, I went out of the HUC3 in the first round. I took out Veneno first, and then faced the Suckout L'Artiste in the 2nd match of Round 1. I dominated for most of the game, but I eventually got sloppy and called a re-raise all-in with an inside striaght draw and overcards. He had two pair, so there goes my overcard outs, and I fail to hit my straight.

The good news is, I get to rename Veneno's Blog as her bounty. I'm still thinking, but I have some ideas:

I have to admit that I like "All Praise Jordan". I think there is something catchy to the over-the-top conceit. High On Veneno is catchy though. But thanks to this brainstorming session, I think I've come up with a compromise. Veneno, you are on notice. Your blog shall be called:

High On Veneno, part of the High On Poker family of blogs

Yes, it's a bit long, but it has that catchy HoV, and I get to name drop my own blog. Yep, I'm a self-promoting whore, but remember that I do it for you.

In the meanwhile, I played another 45-person SNG last night and played terribly, eventually bluffing with the hammer post-flop to someone who flopped the Ace. I had NO OUTS, and it was a pathetic move by me. I knew I wasn't playing my best, and I should have just passed on it outright. I have only placed once in 9 tries in 45-person SNGs, so I really need to reevaluate my play. Suffice it to say that the last 6 SNGs in the 45 SNG Challenge will be played under different conditions.

I had the pleasure of playing a $10 HORSE SNG on Full Tilt. I've been on fire there lately, placing in my last three SNGs in a row. It was only a 3rd place finish, but money is money. Boobie Lover also placed in the money, but I don't know if he took down 1st or 2nd. These HORSE tourneys are great for me, because my fundamentals are solid. I just fall short when it comes to making sudden stupid plays which cost me my whole stack. But in the HORSE tourneys, which are, by there nature, limit, my blow-up hands are usually survivable.

That's it for now. Have a great day and a greater weekend. I'll be spending mine on LI with wifey Kim's good friends. Tonight is just wifey Kim and I, and we hope to go to our new potential favorite bar/restaurant, a whole-in-the-wall with good food and a private atmosphere. Have a great one!

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At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really good game yesterday mate! I just caught the right breaks at the right time (All in preflop 9's VS. 7's and the final hand)

I won't let you down though, I plan on winning the whole damn thing.

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At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan..I got the banner to work finally. It looks great. And I like it. The name, the banner, the whole thing. You are fabulous!


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