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The Super Bowl of Poker

I know that the name, "The Super Bowl of Poker" was actually used by (I believe) Amarillo Slim for a tournament he used to run, but I'm adopting (read: stealing) it for my upcoming Super Bowl party.

The Super Bowl seemed to creep up on me. It felt like just two weeks ago I was winning bets on Pittsburgh and Seattle. On second thought, that was two weeks ago.

The point is, I've been so busy with other things that the Super Bowl, while being on my mind, has not been a real focus.

This year, for the first time ever, I am holding a Super Bowl party. It all started about a week ago when I realized that I had no plans, per se. I had bet $30 on Seattle, recieving 4 points (let the barrage of Steelers comments begin) because, quite frankly, I'm not genius at football. Even so, I think I made the right decision. The Steelers have been playing great, and they do have a psuedo home field advantage, but the Seahawks are no slouchers, and I expect it to be a close game. In Amarillo Slim's autobiography, he said this about sports betting (paraphrased): If you don't know anything, bet on the underdog. Most betters bet on the favorite because they want to feel like a winner, and the favorite seems like the way to go. For this reason, handicappers/bookies actually favor the underdogs with their spreads.

Add to that gem of wisdom the fact that I believed, from watching the AFC and NFC Championships, that the Seahawks played better, and viola, I made my pick on speculation alone. Bro in Law Marc piggy backed off me for about $35, rolling over his winnings from the AFC and NFC Championships (which he also piggy backed from me).

Loving to gamble, I also put $10 on the under 47. Both teams have good defense, and, as my good bud Jefe (sports enthusiast and brain trust) told me last night, to my relief, rarely do the Super Bowl games crack that number, save for a blowout. And this, hopefully, won't be a blowout.

With my bets set, I didn't expect what happened a short two days later. Marc called me up and asked me to place another $50 on the Seahawks. I was surprised, but apparently one of Marc's friends wanted in on the action. I guess this guy didn't know much about football either and decided to piggy back. I'm guessing this because everyone and their sister besides me seems to think that the Steelers are taking it down. $25 of the bet was for Marc's friend, and Marc, loving the action, decided to match his friend's bet. I couldn't help myself when I saw the spread had moved to +4.5, so I bet another $10.

That's where my sports bet stand. About $30 on Seattle with 4 points, $10 on Seattle with 4.5 points, and $10 on Under 47. I'd ask you to wish me luck, but I'm sure more than a few of you (SteelerJosh) are wishing me that other kind of luck.

With the Super Bowl approaching, I spoke to Dave Roose to see if he would want to watch the game on my new big screen TV (paid for with $450 in Bestbuy Gift Cards that I earned through PSO and VPP, and you can too!). Roose immediately asked, "and poker?" And that's how it came to be. Roose, Hole, Ilan, Platinum, Mikey Aps (aka Duesche Boyd), his buddy Vinny, and I are going to be playing some ole fashioned pokah before the superbowl. The plan is to play a tourney, probably for $25 buy-in, followed by a second tourney or a cash game. This will all start at 2PM, so I'll miss any ROW v. USA SNG online. Sorry boys.

I can't friggin' wait. The poker is actually taking a back seat to my interest in the game, but I guess it helps that I have money on it. 'Cause I likee me some gamble.

Work is whooping my ass, and if I'm smart, I'll be here tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Then I'm off to Connecticut with wifey Kim to hang out with her fast-track-to-suburban-life friends. We have dinner plans at Ruth Chris, so I can't complain.

You all have a good time this weekend. When you are rooting for the Steelers, do me a favor and don't root too hard. If they win by 3, you can still rejoice, and I get mine!

Go Steelers (by 3, only)!

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At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By 3 indeed....

For you J, I hope they cover, but I am pretty confident in my beloved Stillers. I am expecting a good game, and maybe even a close one, but the Steelers should get that one for thumb.....finally!

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! DADI Heads Up, count me IN!!!!!

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

W00t...heads up...this should be fun! I guess I'm in :-)

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that I want to be an "I told you so"....

One for the thumb. I am smiling like a bastard. Sorry bout your loss, shoulda bet on my Steelers.


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