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AC Itinerary

Because I have T-Minus 50 hours until I'll be on my way to Atlantic City, and because I can't freaking wait to get there, I'm going to take a minute and map out the most likely course of events for the upcoming AC trip.

5:00PM- Tired from a long day of work, and with three hours of work to finish before leaving, I will receive a phone call from Dave Roose telling me that he will be outside of my building in 20 minutes. Robbie Hole will call shortly after to explain that he has to work and therefore will meet us at AC on Thursday night.

5:15PM- Roose will call me from downstairs, busting my balls about not being there. I will explain that I need an hour, and he will stop somewhere for Sushi and Saki.

5:25PM- I will leave the office, feeling somewhat guilty but very relieved, and meet Roose as he downs the saki and sushi. Hole will be with him. He too will feel guilty and relieved. We are on our way to AC.

7:00PM- We still have about an hour and a half to AC, but the poker jitters already start. I will be sitting in the back seat bouncing both knees and staring at each road sign, hoping that it tells me how much longer.

8:20PM- After going 200 mph on the last stretch oh highway, we manage to arrive 10 minutes early! We check in at the Showboat for my free room. Roose asks something inappropriate to the attractive black female clerk. She ignores us. We try to tip for a room upgrade but she doesn't take us seriously.

8:25PM- We are in the room. While the other guys settle in. I pace around wondering how we could be in AC for 15 minutes and not make any wagers. I will get everyone to join me downstairs after annoying them for the next 20 minutes. We will start with craps and roulette. Robbie Hole will go on an amazing rush. Roose will do very well. I will lose.

10:00PM- Have a greasy late-night dinner at the nearest moderately-priced diner-like restaurant. I will have a grilled cheese, the official gambling food of High On Poker.

11:00PM- Sit down for some 1/2 NLHE with a bunch of whackjobs at the table. Win a couple of hundred dollars.

3:00AM- Crawl upstairs and sleep. This may occur as late at 8AM.


6:45AM- Wake up, ready for poker. Force myself to go to sleep when I check my watch. Repeat for the next two hours, every 10-15 minutes.

8:45AM- Slowly get up. Put on clothes in the dark while Roose and Hole sleep. Here them stir and say, "let's play poker," as though it were the most natural first thought of the day.

9:45AM- Go to the buffet, unshowered, unrested, and wearing most of the same clothing as Wednesday. Eat crappy food. Large quantities of crappy food. Have my morning chocolate milk.

10:30AM- Sign up for the Showboat $40+10 daily 11AM tournament. Wonder what I am going to do for 30 minutes. Realize I have to check out. Put everything into my back pack and throw it in Roose's car in the self-park lot.

11AM- Place in the top 33% of the tourney, but out of the money.

2PM- Eat a grilled cheese sandwich, even though I'm not hungry. More accurately, I'm starving, but the nervous energy from poker makes eating seem like a nuisance. Then go play craps and 1/2 NLHE.

6PM- Squeeze in a quick, but unnecessary dinner so that I have energy for the 8PM tourney at the Resorts. Convince Roose and Hole to join me, since they were annoyed at losing the earlier tourney.

7PM- Head over to the Resorts for our second free room. Try to tip for a better room but fail when Roose asks another inappropriate question, shaming me into silence. Throw our stuff into the room and immediately head downstairs. Head downstairs and navigate by poker sonar to the mini-poker room where the $60+15 8PM tourney is held. Play the tourney. I will place ITM, but not far into the money. Roose will get sucked out on and be very angry at me for convincing him to play. Hole will play ultra-aggressive and bubble. My ITM finish is a dream, admittedly.

9PM- Play some 1/2 NLHE. Finish at around 1AM, when the three of us decide to get some late night food and play Wheel of Fortune slots. Hole will win big. Roose will lose small. I will lose and lose and lose.

7AM- On the way up to the room, call wifey Kim. Smile as she thinks that I woke up early to call her. Don't dissuade her from her thoughts. Try to sleep. Listen to Roose's snoring for 40 minutes until I stab myself in the ear with a q-tip. Deafened, I am able to sleep...until...


9:45AM- Wake up and check watch. Go back to sleep. Repeat until 7:30AM.

10:00AM- Put on exact same outfit as yesterday, hoping to fool players into thinking I haven't slept in a day. No one will notice. I will smell. Play NLHE. Lose all my winnings. Roose will say that I should never play in the morning. He will say this as he is signing up to play.

12:30PM- Pull myself away from the table, and grab some food. Face reality that I must return home at some point. Play some last minute desperation craps. Complain about craps being a ridiculous $10 miniminum all week!

2:00PM- Head home. Sleep until wifey Kim gets home. Avoid online poker for three days.

Wow, that was great! I had so much fun! Now I don't even have to do a trip report. Enjoy fellers! I can't wait.

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