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Sour Taste

Last night, I sucked at the tables. Some .20/.40 PL Omaha H/L with Veneno and GCox cost me about $8. In 2/4 on Gaming Club (earning my PSO promotion) I was up $50 and then down $50. At Noble, I played the $10 SNG and was doing well. But a suckout followed by a cointoss spelled disaster. All in all though, I did make a whopping $4 or so from the HU SNG Step Challenge created at O-Poker. The shortcoming of the HU Step Challenge is that you only make significant profits when you got on a big winning streak. Meanwhile, you can consistently lose (at least lose the fee), which all in all makes for a sticky proposition. The good part is, if you think of it like an MTT (where you won't hit every time but when you do, you will hit big) it isn't so bad. And it's downright interesting.

So, there it is. A poor night at the tables. One of those nights where you go to bed thinking "why didn't I quit when I was ahead!" Well I'm not going to let that get me too down, even though I have a sour taste in my mouth. Fortunately, I've also got some good news, which I will get to in my 2nd post of the day. I plan on separating the posts to emphasize the announcement, so bear with me. Hell, it's probably already up, by the time you read this.

Atlantic City, here I come! T-minus 28 hours before I reach Atlantic City. It'll be interesting resolving poker and time with Wifey Kim. I'm a degenerate, true enough, but I know where my priorities are, and if it came down to it, I wouldn't play a lick of poker all weekend if Wifey Kim so desires. Partner in crime Dave Roose will be joining, and if I know him he'll find a way to fit poker in. Lucky for me, Wifey Kim is cool as ice, and I'm sure Roose and I won't have to try too hard to play poker.

Look for the announcement in about...5 minutes.

"Flush me, beautiful."
"What did you say?"
"Flush me, beautiful."
[girl laughs]
"Friends call me maker, as in Money Maker."
"That's pathetic."
"Jeez, you don't have to laugh at me."

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At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me. Don't be so rude. Say bye next time. Oh and Royal has continued to be good to me. Not on Omaha but Holdem is working. I only need 25 more ranked hands. Thanks again!


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