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Midway Midday

I'm going to call this one a therapuetic post. There is something about mid-day posts that re-energize me. Let's do this!

Last night I played a UB $10 10-person SNG with good pal Dre. I've never played with him online before. He is one of those B&M friends (Buffalo and My Home Town??) as opposed to the usual Blogger people I play with online. It's an interesting change of pace playing with a non-blogger online. I was giving him some tips in the tourney, telling him to tighten up early and avoid limping with KT and such.

Now, Dre isn't a bad player. In fact, he is quite good live, according to his stories and his track record at my home games. However, I think playing online and blogging have given me an insight into the online game that he didn't have (yet, at least). I mean, you have to pick something up along the way playing online, right? I think the SNG Challenge (see Notable Posts in the side links) was a big help. I learned structure there, and how to make it deep in these SNGs without really trying.

Dre was down to 450 at one point with 15/30 blinds. He told me he was looking to push. I explained the rule of ten and told him to relax and wait. Eventually he made his move when the blinds got up to 20/40 and he had 410. It wasn't meant to be as he faced an over-pair.

The whole tourney took me over an hour. I used to think SNGs took about 30-45 minutes, so either the players have gotten tighter, I'm playing more regulars and less turbos, or I'm actually making it to the end. I'm not sure what the answer is.

I placed 2nd. The night before that I placed 2nd in a 6-person SNG with Trip on UB. I'm starting to see a pattern. No, I'm not fooling myself. I know its only 2 in a row, but I've been getting trounced at cash games. I lost a clean $300 at Hollywood, finally busting yesterday. I want to go back there to finish my promo and get the final $50 bonus, but my losses got me thinking that it won't be worth it. Even so, the plan is to recoup, regather my funds at Neteller, and then assault the hell out of the 2/4 tables at Hollywood.

Meanwhile (or possibly before this happens), I am going to focus on SNGs and take some time off of bonus whoring. That doesn't mean you should. So, sign up at VPP or PSO for some free stuff on top of the usual $$ bonuses that the sites offer. I have this word of advice. For a quick promo, do Royal Vegas thru VPP. For a promo that can be earned through SNGs, go for Titan. I know Titan is offered on PSO and VPP, with the same requirements. Titan also offers a kick ass 100% first deposit bonus. I deposited $241 there a long time ago, and have already earned $80 of the bonus before moving on. I plan to return. Just note that VPP says that you can't get Titan points through tourneys. Well, I'm pretty sure that is not the case. Check Titan's site for details.

But that wasn't what I was going to type about. Where was I? Okay, so regroup bankroll, play SNGs to boost it, and get back to the Limit Challenge chart (see that Notable Post sidebar again). I have been playing BELOW my bankroll, meanwhile losing along the way. I wonder if I would've avoided Hollywood's catching donkeys had I played at my bankroll according to the Limit Challenge. I'll never know....or will I?

I think that's it for now. My bankroll is depleted. I'm pretty sure it is at approximately $325, which is horribly low, come to think of it. I guess that's what happens when you donk $300 at Hollywood and withdraw $100 (or rather transfer it to Dre) to help pay for my new TV. Time to get my shit together.

Tonight I play at the All In Club in the $40+10 NLHE tourney. The last time was a debacle so I plan to bring my A-game. "A" as in "Ain't gonna suck" hopefully. I also plan to play tomorrow in either the $40+10 rebuy/add on at All In or the $25+5 freezeout at Genoa. I miss Genoa, but damnit, $30 seems a bit low to me.

Desi is joining me tonight. I haven't seen him in a loooooooong while. Hopefully Roose and Hole will be joining as well.

Gotta go folks. Rock on!

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