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I knew I shouldn't have, but I played SirFWALgman anyway in a heads-up at 12am this morning. It was for $20, the same stakes we played for a few days ago. I won then. I lost this morning.

What was the difference? Well, for one, I knew I shouldn't play this second time around. I was tired and impatient. I was also groggy and not confident.

This is NOT how you play poker.

The end result was that I lost $20 out of my $240 or so online bankroll, which is a sizable portion. It's time to regroup and play smart.

God, I can't wait for another live game. At least that hasn't been kicking my ass lately. Looks like I will be attending the Genoa Club on Thursday for their $40 freezeout. I hope they don't mind me swooping in for their no-fee tournament and then ditching when the lucrative cash game starts. I don't mean to be a cheapskate, but broke is broke.

I'm still looking for insight into the MTT-focus. Foolhardy move? Inspirational?

Also, it looks like we are moving along in planning the HUC2 Round 1 matches. I've sent emails out to each heads-up match except for the one involving Drizztdj, who is seemingly MIA. In late breaking news, High Plains Drifter defeated Aussie Dave in two matches in Round 1. He faces SirFWALgman in Round 2. It should be an interesting matchup.

That's all for today. I need to shake off the poker-loss hangover.

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