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You like poker, don't you? How about bonuses? Want a new deck of high-quality, Copag playing cards along with the normal bonus offered for signing up to a new poker site? How about a poker table top or chips? Don't need those? Well how about a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy, eBay or No? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

As for the rest of you who like free things, check out Vegas Poker Pro, a website that is akin to Poker Source Online (referral code HighOnPoker).

You might be saying to yourself, why is Jordan suddenly pimping VPP instead of PSO? Well, I'll tell you why. PSO is a fine site and is highly recommended. But when someone told me about VPP I had to see what the deal was. VPP offers the same or similar bonus prizes (but no point system like PSO), offers some different sites to play on, AND has lower bonus requirements on certain sites. The end product is that you and me, the consumer, benefits.

Specifically, VPP has deals for Poker Share, Royal Vegas, and James-Woods-endorsed Hollywood Poker. Minimum deposits at sites through VPP is merely $50 compared to PSO's $100 requirement, for the most part. At Poker Room, you need only earn 200 points for VPP's promotion, compared to 400 through PSO. At Absolute Poker, you need only ear 250 (VPP) instead of 400 (PSO). So, there you have it. You can't go wrong.

I personally will be signing up at VPP for Royal Vegas, where apparently the bonus (10%) is small, but you also get an immediate $10 bonus. I'm only depositing the minimum $50, but if all goes well, I should beat the 250 raked hand requirement in no time and earn myself a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy to go toward my soon-to-be new big screen TV. I was going to buy Kipper's off of him, but I like my TV with more colors than yellow.

Now, here is the part when I whore myself. I haven't made one cent off of this blog, and I never intended to. But it wouldn't kill me either. So, if you are considering signing up for VPP, let me know via email at or leave a comment here. I need your email address to get any sort of bonus from VPP, so email is preferred. Please let me know the email address that you did or will use when you sign up at VPP.

So, how can you say no? Play on a new site (fun!), earn the regular bonus from that site (free money!), earn a gift from VPP (free gift!), and help a blogger out (I've already sold 3 pints of blood this month alone!).

The power of poker compels you! The Power of Poker Compels You! THE POWER OF POKER COMPELS YOU!!

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At 11:36 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

You be whorin'!
Good for you getting in on the ground floor. What other rooms do they offer?


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Good question G! I've added a paragraph in the middle of my post comparing PSO and VPP. Take a look. Sites offered at VPP but not PSO include Hollywood Poker, Royal Vegas, and Poker Share. They also have a lot of the same sites as PSO.


At 2:28 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Oh, I'm feeling tempted by this VPP thingy. Don't make me get my wallet out again to try a new poker room. Must.... resist... the... urge.... to.... GAMBULL!!!! LOL.

Will let 'cha know when the power of poker compells me. But, I did hear about it first from you, so you'll get the credit when I try it.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

I've been hearing a lot of talk from people who don't want to sign up to a new poker room. I guess people get comfortable where they are at. When I started playing, I used Golden Palace and did not try anything else for over a year. But once I tried the other sites, I was able to realize the benefits of spreading my money around. You get to see different games, like Paradise's Draw or UB's Crazy Pineapple. When you are in the mood for an MTT you have more options. You find sites that you would otherwise ignore that were good for the bankroll (Titan/Noble). And you get the best promos with first deposits (100% at Titan/Noble). So, I hear ya Chip, but I still say that variety is the spice of life.

At 4:20 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I want to sign up through you, but if that is the case I may have to miss this weeks RV SNG. There is no way I can sign up with the $50 gig cause my measly roll is tied up at BoDog until I clear that one. Surprisingly, that bonus has become painstakingly slow...I'm just now getting to 100pts and they gave me 50 free! At one point I was over 100, but they incorrectly gave me too many points for time at the tables and ganked 13pts back from me. Bastardos!

Anyway, me thinks I should hold off possibly and do this VPP thing next weekend. That just means I need to start playing more to clear the BoDog gig quick. I need to 2 table...

When I do it, it will be via I'll let you know when I do it...

At 3:59 PM, Blogger total said...

I just found VPP myself and asked them about getting an icon for their site I can link to them, they sent me back a response that they're in the process of trying to set up a referral program of some sort. Once I find out the details, I'll send them over. Probaby not the best business idea as your site gets way more traffic than mine, however I suppose it's for the better.


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