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Cue the Doors.... & You Decide #18

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

100-2-Infiniti made poker history last night by saving me shame and time by taking me out of the Heads Up Challenge 2 in record breaking time. My two back-to-back losses mean that this humble Commissioner will have to watch the rest of the HUC2 from his lofty back office. At least I get free catering in my skybox.

I can't say that it was a good match either. I played poorly, plain and simple. In HU, luck is a big factor. It's probably even bigger a factor than usual. However, I do not blame luck entirely. I have to take some blame myself, and give some credit to Infiniti. It still sucks though.

In my estimation, there were two hands, one from each match, that decided my fate. In the first one, I held 55 with a chip lead. I decided to play it aggressively. The flop was 678. I bet, he called. The turn was 2. I bet the pot, which was sizable after my pre- and post-flop bets. He pushed over the top. I called, hoping that he was being aggressive and knowing that I could fall back on my straight draw if necessary. He held the hammer: 72o and won with 2-pair. The river was a Q or some such nonsense. Essentially, I followed my aggressiveness over a cliff. From there on out, I was a desperate shortstack and held on for a while before succumbing to fate.

You Decide #18
This will constitute my 18th foray into the You Decide posts. See the sidebar for more such posts. This was the crucial hand of the second game. I changed my strategy from aggressive to passive when I realized that Infiniti could see through my B.S. (You will read more about this later.) Plus, he was aggressive, so I wanted to rope him in.

I was dealt 45s while the short stack. I wasn't severely outchipped. I believe there may have been a pre-flop bet which was called. I honestly don't remember who bet. The flop was 544. Bingo! I minimum bet, hoping to either keep in a high-card Ace, pocket pair, or induce a raise (legitimate or bluff raise). He called. The turn was a 7. I bet out again, but this time, he pushed all-in. I typed in the chat, "Bad timing" and called. I showed my fullhouse, 4s full of 5s. He showed me his, 4s full of 7s (47!)! UG!!! I quickly typed "...for me!" refering back to my bad timing comment. In our yahoo chat window I cursed a bit. I also threw out a string of GG. It was a good game. Not for me. But for him. He deserved the win. Ug!

HUC2 and Other Business
Now, as Commissioner, I will continue to help the HUC2 move along. I'm still waiting on an email address or two. I'll send out an email to all competitors whose email I have today so you can start setting up game times. If you can, please post pre-arranged game times here or at the Heads Up Blog so you can have railbirds. In other HUC2 news, the reigning champ, TripJax, was eliminated as well. In fact, he beat me as the First Loser of the tournament. Riches to Rags, Trip. Sorry man. Maybe the losers of round 1 can have thier own mini loser's tourney. Any other losers/takers?

After that game, I played heads up against Veneno. I won that one, thankfully. It was a different type of heads-up because I bought a headset/mic, so V and I could hear and talk to each other via Yahoo Instant Messenger. All HUC2 competitors and online poker players who play with friends should get Yahoo IM and a headset. It's utter genius and adds a much-needed element to online poker.

I then played .25/.50 NL, and was up a good chunk until one guy re-raised all-in against my pocket Ks. I called and he showed T4o! Flop had two Tens. This table was very loose and I wanted to stick around, but after a while I realized I wasn't playing good poker and fleed the scene of the crime.

I'll post later on my analysis of why I lost the HUC2. Keep reading and I'll keep writing.

Put that cookie back, mother poker!

I'll give my analysis

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At 11:15 AM, Blogger TraumaPoker said...

We differ on the facts in the last hand of the second match. I am positive I lead out for 55 and was min raised to 110 by you and then just flat called. I also posted the hammer hand history for viewing pleasure of all, it differs a little also. I hate UB's hand history because I can't go back and get hands.....awful!!! My memory is good for nothing.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger WillWonka said...

Obviously, nothing you can do with the boat over boat... as you said.. it was just bad timing..
Kind of brought me back to our HU match... ahhh.. memories..

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Yeah, I remember that one too Will. Seems like for now on, I'm folding my boats.

100, as for hand specifics, I'm always a bit iffy but I do my best. I generally dont keep hand histories. But, I do my best, which is often quite good. Haha.

At 1:31 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

My losers lounge ended up being my couch. At least I could hang out in my underwear in that lounge.

I better fucking win an iPod on Sunday.

Don't know where that last sentence came from, but whatever...


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